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    • HI @PandaronXD It's not an uncommon to have issues with t-mogs. Consider disabling your active Add-ons and try again. Alternatively, you can try to rename WTF/Cache/Interface folders located in your game directory  to WTFold/Cacheold/Interfaceold and run the game again. This might make it slower than usual, so don't be alarmed by the latency. 
      If that fails as well, please make a ticket in game with a screenshot , so we could see the bug for ourselves. Thank you for your time,  Regards. JGM Speedydk
    • Hi @TobiasCZS Could you give us more information regarding the issue? Screenshots would be greatly appreciated since it would allow us to locate the problem faster, Thank you. Regards. JGM Speedydk
    • Greetings @2ice0,
      Thank you for the time you took to create this thread. 
      Our teams across the realms, Game Masters and Developers, are working in order to make the game as pleasurable as possible for you, our community. 
      With that said I need you to understand fixing a bug is not just a matter of snapping our fingers and making it work. It takes time and even though it's frustrating to the players, we need it to test all the fixes and newly implemented content. It's normal to prioritize some content over another - for example, new raid boss ability one-shotting players will be worked on before a school of fish in Grizzly Hills not having the right drop rate.

      With that said, I'll ask you to report the issue in Bugtracker and remain patient. 
      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.
      Respectfully yours,
      HGM Effigy
    • Hello Fs- Staff, you taught me a lesson. They delete bug reports without fixing the problems. You delete forum posts that indicate problems with your server, but do nothing about it. I asked you why my post was deleted, but I didn't get an answer. So what is the reason for this? Are you afraid of criticism? And you don't know how to deal with it. Are you overwhelmed by the work you have to do to secure game standards, but all you want is our money from the Item Shop? Are the bugs so complicated that you can't find a solution, but you want us to keep using the bugtraker just to get a solution? Look, I will publish this calendar bug one last time that you deleted from your bug tracker, as you deleted the other three bug reports, AND my article on this topic in which I wanted to draw the attention of a dev to the bug. If you delete it without getting a response to the status of the error, I will repost this post. Bug 1: Your calendar does not work, especially not for guilds transferred from the FS Legion to the FS-BFA. If you want screenshots, see the bug tracker reports you deleted. Bug2: The Visioin of Madness in the fight against Mythrax should have a longer CD time, after they got interrupted. As you can see here at 5:03min. Count the time from the interrupt till the add starts to cast again.

      Thank you server for your attention.
    • Greetings @Smile325, I have looked up you ip adress for another accounts made on it, and I can't find nothing. Please open an in-game ticket to solve this problem, provided you have proof for your account. Have a great day!   Game Master Razvanix