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  2. Hey there @Mirrano, Thank you for contacting us in regards to your account. Unfortunately authentications are beyond us and you'll need the assistance of an administrator. By following THIS LINK you can browse our staff page and message an admin or you could try to contact them via Discord. You can join FS Discord HERE If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us again! (: Sincerely yours, HGM Effigy
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  4. Greetings! I don't think the website is configured to work on mobile browsers very well Try using Google Chrome on your desktop/laptop to access the shop. Happy gaming, Game Master Boomkinbear
  5. Hello, title basically says it all, looking to either make one or join one on Sylvanas, PM me on Discord~! Zarexan#4482
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  7. Title: transmog Type: Shop Description:  Diabolic Helm from Legion Tomb of Sargeras raid must be added in the wow shop and must be bought only with gold coins
  8. Try killing rares or picking up treasures across Kul'Tiras & Zandalar. You'll be able to obtain the necessary resources.
  9. The fastest, in my opinion, is by doing quests, you can, of course, increase the amount of xp you get from quests by equipping some heirloom items (back, helmet, chest, ring, legs) before completing the quest.
  10. Arena Free for All: Description: In Arena Free For All it is basically Last Man Standing. Players get summoned to an arena where everyone can kill anyone, and obviously the last person standing wins. The area is big enough for only 20 players to participate, but we'll do several rounds. Rules: All items are allowed including toys etc. Level 110 is required No legendaries are allowed Using mounts or flying mounts are not allowed. No using the follow spells: Soulstone Reincarnation Follow all instructions given by a Game Master, they will answer your questions and concerns. Do not spam the chat, and behave appropriately. Follow all server rules. Rewards: Battlemaster Title 5,000 Gold We at the Firestorm International Staff look forward to seeing everyone at the event!
  11. Hi there! I am an officer in a guild from Argus that is looking to transition to another Legion realm. If you enable this character transfer I am sure I can bring at least 20 active people to your server. I really hope you enable this option. Kind regards, Flame
  12. Character Name: Tanneh Issue: Sylvanas Operating System: Windows 10 How was your game downloaded?: Torrent Describe your problem: I am stuck on the quest "reinforcements" because i don't have any resources, so i try to speak with Halford Wyrmbane at Boralus to get more resources, but i can't start the quest... please help me
  13. Hey Mymana, Vol'dun is not finished at the moment, so there are (except of 3-4) no quests yet. They are working on it and will implement it with one of the next content updates. Greetz, Selera
  14. Hello, i have problem with 3rd storyline i did Zuldazar and Nazmir but can't take Vol'dun starting quest from Scouting Map. Now i can not get Vol'dun rep. There are screenshoots. Any solutions?
  15. Can i migrate from monster 4,3,4?
  16. I do not get what your problem is. If "he" transferred your character to another server, you would still have your character here. Even if the other server chose to remove your character from here, you can go ahead and "undelete" the character using loyalty.
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  18. +1 please so i don't have to level
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  20. Title: Please consider allowing character transfers from Arguswow Type: Website Description:  Hi staff, as is said in the title Please could the developers consider adding a transfer option from Arguswow as it is a legion server with two realms both based on 7.3.5 one being a 5x exp pve progression realm and the other being a 100x exp PvP realm Me and a lot of the community there are looking to leave and steadily have been gravitating towards this server. However a lot of players also don't want to abandon the hours they put into their character with regards to gear. We're hoping that you will considering both realms as a possibility for enabling transfers. Thanks for considering!
  21. Title: My friend is a dumbass Type: Website Description:  He transfered my main character to Monster WoW if you can stop that request i would be grateful Thanks Th4tGuy
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  23. I have the same problem.I have finished an area and still has the same problem.
  24. Incredible gameplay
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