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  2. a) check which items in AH have nice value b) farm the aforementioned items c) ???? profit
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  4. I made a demon hunter (called Tridalfrus) in Greymane and went for the black temple. When i defeated Illidan he dropped the off hand warglaive of azzinoth. I equiped it but it didn't go in my apperance collection.I tryed to transmog it with the transmog NPCs in capital and the legendary transmog guy but i couldn't . Please tell me if you know why.
  5. Thanks tweek, you confirmed my thoughts.
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  7. Title: Full German Translation for the Firestorm Launcher Type: Launcher Description: Hi my Name is Alexander i love to help small Projects like this! In this Case i translated the Full Launcher to German :=) Some words are still in English because we use them in normal german too like loot, Rage Quit, Noob, easy etc.. ^^ PS: I could not test it in the launcher... because the launcher is overwriting the files and dont read new locale files Download : locale_deDE.qm ------------------------------------ Steam
  8. i have windows 10 , can i reinstall windows10 without losing any data i have atm ?
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  10. Title: Valor on Gul'Dan (Add to LFR) Type: In-game Description:  Hello there! On the Gul'Dan (WoD) server we are pretty well setup to play as we would. But there is a core resource which is basically unavailable, VALOR! Valor in WoD is used to upgrade baleful, dungeon, raid, and crafted gear up +10ilvls. While not *technically* necessary to the game, it would be nice to have that second layer to character development. I suggest that Valor be added to the following activities: LFR - it granted Valor on retail and should here too Dungeon Finder - heroic dungeons are required for the ring quest, why not incentivize the queue with daily/weekly valor gains And maybe one other place to gain Valor, like if you reach exalted with a faction or kill a World Boss or or or Creating opportunity for people to come together more as a community and incentivize them with Valor, that is my suggestion.
  11. Lately, we have released indications of our next patch for Sylvanas and by now you should know that it's 7.3.5. Today, we invite you all to be present on March 26th, 2018 at (18:00 CET) which we will unveil everything that will be available in the next patch. At 18:30 (CET) we will have a live Question and Answers with the developer's present where we will talk more about everything. There might be a special live stream directly from our testing realm. We hope to see you there.
  12. Title: Bloodwoven mask Type: Shop Description: need add this item to shop
  13. Title: DARKMOON SEESAW TOY Type: Shop Description:  I would like to suggest adding this amazing toy in the fire storm shop. In my opinion it's really not that hard toy to create and many people I know really enjoy this toy, so do I. You would make many people happy. I truthfully hope you can do it for us. Thanks, I wish nice day to all of you!
  14. i hate boris. people make classes they have ZERO experience in playing, then run around in bgs and raids fucking things up for people. level the damn characters. at least then you have a basic understanding of how the class is played. i saw a paladin on one of the boris events who was ret, with a 1 hand/ shield combo and mixed str/heal gear. he told me i was a noob and his heals were op and the int helped his spell dmg. i tried to convince him but he just insisted i was a scrub and continud on his merry. saw him in rbgs later on in the same gear so i doubt he was trolling..... his rotation when i dueled him was .......interesting....................
  15. Please update this post
  16. Also any info about the green fire for us destro players ? I would love to get it i don't care if i have to pay golden/silver points, since quest line + item is bugged in legion and transferring from another server is not an option for me.
  17. hello, im wondering how much xp rate for DK? is it 1x? if yes, how can i change it to 3x? thanks.
  18. play what u enjoy, the 7.1.5 retail rankings were Guardian>monk>paladin>warrior>DH>DK yet as u can see that's not how it is on our realm so just play what u like and get good at it, and u can do all the content u like, and enjoy it at the same time
  19. can't spoil stuff, but i can tell you that WQ ilvl will be as of 7.2 and exspect content to be like that aswell. so 860 ilvl cap on WQ's But since it is 7.3.5 stuff like skills and talents will be like that, but content will follow the path of progression. so from what we have now and onwards
  20. At lvl 500 every profession trainer in dalaran will sell you every rank1 reciept, for 150gold each. so once u get lvl 500+ on your profession go to the trainer and buy all the recieps you want.
  21. Hey guys, I'm using aucionator for auctions, but I have strange problem. If I want to put something to auction via addon, it should get pricez from AH and set undercitted price for stack/item. Current state is that addon load some prices from AH, but price isn't derived from current lowest price. Do you have this problem too ? Is an fix around ? Or it is a normal behavior on firestorm servers ? Thanks for help. (and sorry for my english)
  22. unlucky, u ran into a spanish GM
  23. Up!
  24. I heard he is an ape
  25. = ill just leave this here then shall i i any reason to ban apestorm i guess
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  27. Title: Add FS-Shop Item "Arcane Crystal Module" Type: Shop Description:  In-game there is a quest to grant players an Auction House inside their Garrison / Trading Post. All but one of the components are available in game, with the last module being unobtainable. The "Arcane Crystal Module" is simply not possible to attain (see link below) due to the final piece ONLY dropping from Garrison Invasion Bosses. Since we cannot trigger garrison invasions to fight these bosses, the final piece of this puzzle cannot come together. It is my suggestion that Firestorm add the module to the cash/loyalty shop and make having the Garrison AH a reality.
  28. git gud
  29. Zapraszamy- szukaj nas online lub zostaw nick tutaj. Przez caly dzien wielu z nas jest online.
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