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  3. frage wann komm hier im deutschen bereich bei Foren der Realms der realm Sethraliss hinzu ?
  4. So, as far as i've seen, the second goblin quest (the one where you drive the car and you have to pick up your friends) it's bugged (you can't pick them up), and you're stuck there BUT i found the portal to orgrimmar. The question is, when i get there where can i get some questline to start leveling? I can't find a single one and i'm worried it's because of the race. Where should i go? Thanks.
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  7. well i answered that preatty often - anyway - when did u make that char on the legion server?
  8. Is it really that bad? Spent last couple days grinding, just hit 72.... How is the mop stuff broke, doesn't this community have a mop server as well?
  9. I can not Report over Ingame GM Ticket Addon by me is not working. With this Quest give a very big Problem https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47995/overt-ops Two Npcs to finished the Quest are missed on the right Places see on the Pictures. Have not only me this Problem other Players too.
  10. I'm trying to figure this out as well, because I really don't want to level all the way from level 1 again
  11. Thank you for your answer. I am already using the lowest graphic settings, still the same.
  12. ciao francesco, benvenuto.... in che vuoi giocare?
  13. Hi every one, I start to play Firestorm from 1 year. I’m trying ti find some italian guild or player, someone from italy?? ciao a tutti, gioco a Firestorm da circa un anno e sono alla ricerca di una gilda italiana o qualche giocatore italiano.😊
  14. Anyone got problem with running new launcher on mac ? It freeze at 20%. Moreover the mini client for Wow does not work at all.
  15. Your graphic card may be too outdated for BfA. Try lower graphic settings.
  16. I decided to abandon the server for now and come back when it is playable - if it will ever be. Right now it's totally unplayable. If the BfA content was bugged and etc I would say okay, it's new but it's a real shame that you can't actually level a character from level 1(or 20) without getting bored and confused with your entire life. The server is not new player friendly by any way, and I worry that it might have a real deep impact on it's playerbase. Hope for the best tho.
  17. @Indecision- I made that already a few times and deleted and redownlaoded everything 2 times aswell. Thanks for the help but that sadly is not working. With '/console scriptErrors 0' I can make them not appear but to many errors can fuck up the game aswell. Atm I am out of ideas.
  18. Try deleting the folders: cache errors and WTF, then restart the client as Admin and it should uptdate by itself. Best of luck mate. http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/36314-errors-getting-lua-error/
  19. Update: I did 86 by exping in Northend, Pandaria is also bugged as f*ck... firestorm staff - great job!
  20. good to hear.
  21. Hola Buenas necesito el realm de sylvanas no lo encuentro por ningun lado y no me aparece en ningun post de foro ayuda porfa :3
  22. Thats solved my problem. I changed EU to US and done. Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, I've just started playing BfA here and wanted to download ElvUI, I've tried different versions but none worked. Couldn't find any version archive either. Anyone of you found or is using an ElvUI version that works?
  24. Why couldn't they fix leveling/questing when it was in closed/open beta? It seems like a major cashgrab.
  25. Same problem i i do quest on northrend cata is bug.
  26. Hello everyone and sorry for this topic.. but i couldnt find an answer here in this forum or at the website. How can we start migration/transfer the char from legion realm to BfA ? When i login on the BfA Realm my char isnt there, only on the legion realm sylvanas. Can someone explain me?
  27. hi there i've an in use with war campaign for kul'tiras , i've done the quest but can't complete it! someone have a clue ? i cannot do the war capping ç_ç I can't leave and retake the quest also!
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