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  3. update, by selecting random Burning Crusade Dungeon it works! but the Lich King dungeons are not working.
  4. every single dungeon, it's bug.
  5. Try specific dungeons, only burning crusade
  6. I can't join a random group using the group finder tool (pressing the "I" on the keyboard. It says all the time: "INTERNAL LFG ERROR" please help me fix this issue. thank you
  7. Yesterday
  8. My transfer has been rejected 3 times based on credentials. I didn't realise I was using the wrong username the first 2 tries (first one I entered info as I would use to log in, second time I changed password and used the freshly minted password) - switched to email address for the 3rd try with what I am certain was the correct (fresh) password, but was still rejected. I just don't understand this. /shrug won't be the first time I have to restart from scratch.
  9. Thank you for responding. Yes I mean BG, from what people have experienced playing PVP on this server. From what I have gathered is BG win/loss is based off premades on this server? As far as PvE goes, activity mostly. How are the Queues, are there are lot of groups that do them like LFR type?
  10. Win/Loss ratio? U mean bg? or Arena? Dungeon progression? Only GM can tell u that. How is PVE? what do u mean? Bugs? Activities?
  11. hey I am willing to pay any price on the firestorm server to be able to buy any MoP R1 titled mage. Pm me on discord@ Verynoobmage#7593 or you can just reply to this fourm
  12. Hello, I am new to Sethrliss and have a couple of questions about it: - What is the Win/Loss ration per faction? - How is PvE on the server such as dungeons, raids etc..?
  13. Thank you very much. ☺
  14. Greetings @JustPepe, please consider making a report a player thread here: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/forum/94-report-a-player/ Kind Regards, Forum Moderator, Alyzeh.
  15. Warmane'de oynuyordum ama herkes almış başını gitmiş gibi. Burası görece daha yeni ondan oynamak istiyorum biraz da.
  16. Hello there, there is horde player named Elfoloko spamming all the time /laugh on everyone for like 20mins, I give u some screenshots of a chat.
  17. random dungeon finder(rdf)'nin durumu gayet iyi, eğer dps olarak gireceksen ortalama 2 dakikanı almaz. arena yada battleground düşünüyorsan, arena bir tık daha çabuk geliyor bg'ye göre. pvp ve pve bekleme süreleri can sıkmayacak kadar iyi durumda, oyuncuların aktifliği(pvp/pve) bana göre gayet iyi. ayrıca zamanında uzun süre warmane'de oynamış birisi olarak. Burası yeni olmasına rağmen(mart:2019) çoğu bugların iyi derecede kaldırılması, ana storydeki questlerin tamamının bug sorunu olmadan yapılması bfa haritalarındaki sorunların en aza indirilmesinde baya şaşırmıştım. Şuan oynamayı düşünüyorsan hiç bekleme derim.
  18. I know about that, i had the same problem myself, in the last couple of weeks more and more ppl reported me the same problem so i reported it directly to devs...sadly at this moment all if them are busy fixing 8.2 staff, so they answered that a general fix will be done with the launch of 8.2 in order to fix this for everyone...otherwise a dev should log in game to fix the problem for each one of u, and u can understand that this is impossible to them... I am very sorry for the late fix bit i promise u that with 8.2 launch (as we say in the dev news should be at the end of octomber) the fix will be available for everyone, i apologize again for the inconvinience and my english! ;-P
  19. Arkadaşlar server nasıl genel hatlarıyla popülasyon doyurucu mu mesela ? Burada oynamak istiyorum da çekincelerim var oyuncu sayısı yüzünden.
  20. Greetings @fupsup666, Make an in-game ticket, Game Masters will assist you from there. Keep in mind that receiving a reply might take a while since they deal with hundreds of tickets daily. Also, "error while updating your GM ticket" is just a visual bug. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  21. Hi there, on one of my characters, FrozenRaisin, I accidentally clicked on voldun and started the quest, I didn't know that it was bugged and now I'm stuck question in Voldun that's bugged and I can't change my questing zone from Vol'dun to something else, please help.
  22. Greetings @Ineph Reputation starts raising from 4th part of the Drustvar chapter. Ticket system works as well, regardless of the error message you get your ticket is still being uploaded. Executive Game Master Hreyo International Firestorm Staff
  23. I got kind of the same problem that I can't fill my reputation bar with the order of embers. The quests are bugged and I can't unlock world quest. Ticket seems to not work either.
  24. Ciao a tutti sono una druida balance per il momeno ma diventerò una druida restoration healer al momento in levelling sono lv 32 e cerco una gilda italiana. Espansione BFA
  25. Title: Global Trade channel for BFA server (english) Type: In-game Description:  Hello I just want to say we need separate channel for trade (En) because in join world_en most of the player using it to invite player for raid dungeon etc. So that why for trader or player who want to sale there item can't use it properly please create trade channel
  26. Merhabalar, horde tarafında isen Türk guildi mevcut orada yetkim aracılığıyla seni guilde alabilirim. sormak istediğin bir soru olduğunda gün içerisinde çoğunlukla açığız. nickname : Bullchaos
  27. Last week
  28. I haven't heard back in person from anyone but I guess they have read it. Just visited Stormwind and the questgiver for Goblin engineering (Lilliam Sparkspindle) magically offers both quests now (Goblin AND Gnomish). Just accepted the gnomish one & turned it in, seems to be working now. Thanks!
  29. Türk oyuncuda barındıran bir guild arıyorum. Oyuna yeni başladım. Bilgi alışverişi yapabileceğim bi guild arıyorum. Nick: Maadd Druid Healer
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