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  4. Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm & Mists of Pandaria use SET realmlist instead of SET portal.
  5. Or just turn on PvP Templates for everybody who has PvP enabled.
  6. That is a good idea actually. I know it would be a custom script but that's where blizzard messed up.
  7. Hello @Shylotus. If you think that something is bugged please report it to Firestorm Bugtracker. Quest is already reported here: Report ID 52307 (Garrosh). Kind regards, @Tigd
  8. So I'm looking for a pve raiding guild for my prot ret pally. I'm pve 555 and pve 552 respectively. I am familiar with most raid mechanics and have had shit luck getting good Soo raids. Let me know on the forums if you need a do or tank for your guild I have discord and am English only lol
  9. this mission is bug and impossible to complete, was to have a ship but only has a arvo re in the middle and enemies bug
  10. Because. Fixes and general maintenance.
  11. we can all agree that duelling and world pvp in general are pretty much dead in legion. Since when i started playing wow years ago i've always enjoyed to spend hours in durotar duelling to get better at my class or just having fun, but in legion, with those absolutely unbalanced stats, you can't do that. 1 or 2 spells are enough to oneshot pretty much everyone and it is not fun. For those reasons i suggest to apply the pvp templates to some zones like durotar and elwin forest (or maybe another place that players can easily reach ) to make duels possible again. what do you guys think about it?
  12. why dosen t the server work?
  13. i noticed the same thing, effuse and enveloping mist do not trigger soothing mist at the end of the cast, while vivify does. pretty anoying i must say.
  14. so playing WoW today is a lost cause .. i get it
  15. You can complete it, just get the books off the shelves. Once you have the books click the pedestal once beat those enemies there should be two then after that click it once more and beat the last guy and that should be it. I just completed it on my paladin the only problem I had was that one of the enemies (I forget which one) almost one shot me.
  16. @luxeon123 They often do maintenance during week days instead of weekend but it is good for me. At least you can play then.
  17. Howdy folks, this is a reminder that there will be scheduled maintenance on Sylvanas in about one hour to apply the fixes and restore the lost reputation, mounts, titles, and achievements. Do not panic, we'll let you know when the realm is back!
  18. At least you might find solace in the fact, that your spells work correctly, when you’re at work.
  19. this is killing me bro.. on my rest day server is offline tommorow i will be at work and server will be OK .. this is just great
  20. so many quests / storylines and dungeons are bugged ( you cant join in mythic ) pls fix
  21. Thank you very much.
  22. Hello @MerkavaMurderer. There is no announcement post with strick ETA, so we have to wait. Time when maintenance will be finished is unknown. Check continuously Firestorm Realms page to see when server is online. Kind regards, @Tigd
  23. Is there an ETA? Or is it a matter of “when it’s done.”?
  24. i have problem with connecting allways had
  25. Went to Black Temple (Normal) yesterday and it certainly does not work as described. Quests, which are supposed to be inside BT are not accessible, even tho the Quest NPC is there. Illidan gets stuck in his movement phase, where he is untargetable. He simply won‘t pick up his Gleaves anymore. A group wipe does reset Illidan, but not the NPC who is necessary to trigger the fight. Everything else works as intended.
  26. The server is offline at the moment. Nobody is able to connect. Either they‘re doing maintenance, or it crashed. Either way, we might have to wait for some time, depending on what the issue seems to be. Without an official announcement there is no ETA.
  27. Same do you have any solution ?
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