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  2. soon on retail vanilla wow
  3. do mage tower to get mount
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  5. @fonsy841 Report it here, please.
  6. this dont work inside the raid
  7. The loot from the raid is not min 900 ilvl ... never mind that i got only legendary gold from the 1st one , but there were noone who got 900 ... 890 max ; from the second boss i got 885 ..
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  9. Hi guys, i have a little problem yesterday i was trying to do the broken shore storyline...i was doing the "champion of the legionfall" quest... i went to the class hall...u completed the quest that gives me the legionfall follower...i went back to broken shor to meiev...but i cant complete the u guys know if i can fix it somehow? I see a lot of ppl with the class in theory the quest works...but not for me for whatever reason
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  11. As Elemental Shaman, in all tries that I've done, there's always one rolling rock either hitting you while invisible or spawning on the oposite side and hitting without being anywhere close. Everything going well, then that bug either kills you or gets you killed since you take 3M damage from the hit plus the long ass stun duration. Spoke with a couple other players and they had the same issue.
  12. PROGRESS UP: (23.05.2018) Goroth Normal: KILLED Heroic: In Progress MYTHIC: Closed Harjatan Normal: KILLED Heroic: In Progress MYTHIC: Closed Mistress Sassz'ine Normal: KILLED Heroic: In progress MYTHIC: Closed Fixka ModernGames
  13. Well higher Itemlevels for legendaries might be fine, but when will you fix the bug where you can drop every legendary which is in the game, I mean i just dropped a Monk Lego on my Rogue, obviously that wont work, and a GM just told me, you are about to fix it, but this wont help me with my new legendary which is for Monks. So will I get one which matches my class, or do i have to accept that shit and just sell it?
  14. Bumpie!
  15. Loot cap is still at 915 on heroic mode of TOS. fix
  16. Heyy guys.. im rly only one who have problems with full client torrent?
  17. I'd like to know this as well, because in 7.2.5 you can craft gear to 900 but devs had capped this at 885. Even now it's still capped at 885...why no increase yet?
  18. The current loot table if still the one from 7.2 (or 7.2.5 ?). When will we get the 7.3 loot table (885+ from mythic normal, 915+ for keys 10+, etc...) ?
  19. We think that first boss doesnt drop loot (18 players in raid without loot) second is okay and third we didnt make cause the tactic and time of players. First two bosses are without spell bugs or visual bugs
  20. Not available yet. Will be available soon.
  21. Should try and become a pver its ur only option
  22. The titanic upgrade still doesn't come up, only the titans one for ilvl 940 upgrade.
  23. can demon hunters then serve the purpose as well? (lvl to 109 and then swap race to voidelf/lighforged and get the heritage armor?)
  24. Hello today I'd like to address very many issues with the current pvp season summarizing how it is not playable at all. To begin you claim to have retail templates but nothing is like retail at all. For example I cannot play sub rogue at all even with the 10% trait cause it is terrible yet, I can play destro with half the traits double my dmg and never lose a game. Many people have been quitting the server and it seems firestorm has turned this new seasom into a fluke much expected. Do something about your server or keep watching the population go down as boris was the only reason you had 10,000 players online.
  25. legendary upgrade is not working , still old quest
  26. ok dfeg
  27. fix classes first since half classes not work as it should..
  28. No, the previous announcement clearly states "Mythic and Raid Finder modes will be available several weeks later".
  29. Thank god for the legendary upgrade
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