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  2. Am besten du schaust abends ab 17 Uhr rein, da ist so gut wie immer einer der Offiziere anwesend. Achte einfach auf den worldchat dort wird dann in regelmäßigen Abständen unsere Werbung stehen.
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  4. Eonar the Life-Binder All Difficult After EACH wipe the Legion Assault come faster than previous one like the first time you do it is not the same after 3 or 5 wipes also the spell that make you fly get bugged after much wipes get removed when you wipe in 2st stage when the down demons spawn the spell doesn't be in your spell to use
  5. fix the correct artifact power they drop...
  6. Good to know.. friend of mine has been cussing about her Worgen for weeks.. even put in a ticket and was told by a GM that nothing was broken in starter area and to make a bug report but he couldn't do anything to help her.. I just saw this post tonight and she was able to wolf out for the first time at level 29 as nothing let her know the ability was there until I read this.
  7. We had a vanilla realm in here. We had a decent population for it, too. That is because FS promised FP for whomever reaches max level before a specific date. After people got their FP, they left. The population was down to 2-5 players by the end. I have personally tried this realm myself and it got on my nerves. I doubt FS will ever have a vanilla realm again unless Blizzard releases the promised vanilla remake.
  8. Greetings to everyone, I recently came to this server and downloaded your mini client. Since i did that and started playing i have 150 ms (not more or less) im playing on many other servers with different server locations and countries but my MS was always fine. Since this isn't playable , can some1 give me an answer or way how to fix this? It's been like 1 week since im here and my ms doesn't fall down. My game is fully downloaded but my MS doesn't disappear. Thank you
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  10. Bei mir sind alle addons out of date und funktionieren nicht obwohl es die richtigen versionen sind jemand ne antwort darauf?
  11. firestorm

    <Last Hope> is an English-speaking Alliance guild looking to fill gaps in our Core roster as we progress through ABT HC and head into ABT MM. Currently Recruiting: DPS with 940+ Healers with 940+ Please come with experience if applying for our Core Raid team, preferably having cleared ABT HC. Our raiding schedule: Saturday, friday & wednesday at 7pm server time. If you're willing to apply: Whisper in-game: Okfunny, Yazmas or Miliexy Discord: Okfunny#8694, Chriz#1094 or Masterox1#3133 Hope you all enjoy your day. Have fun!
  12. ive been using the full one all this time really, just started to happen after i changed some setting but im not sure wich, it is fixeable by just deleting the Firestorm.WTF text file. what is does suck its just i gotta do that everytme i want to launch it : / . still thank you for responding man
  13. Ab wann kann man denn jemanden antreffen um in die gilde geladen zu werden
  14. that's sad,I hope they will bring it back here too,because they will be a lot of private servers shut down,when classic goes live firestorm is the best legion servers around here,without any doubt ,sure it has bugs,but that's ok with me
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  16. Hello, Second form will be automatically unlocked when you are able to buy your first mount.
  17. Why are there no + on this, for a mount addict i think they should fix this asap also make a free way to get mounts from older versions of the game, not only shop u cash drainers
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  19. The Startlocation from the Worgen is complete Buggy. I can not quest there and get my second form.
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  21. I cant finishing the Quest Inquisitor Baleful slain & power taken the mob is in the underground
  22. If you were Horde pandaren, then it should be possible
  23. Replacing an account for an account! I offer my account on sylvanas it has 3x110 characters one has 851item lvl per account on garosh with dk class with at least 522 item lvl Słownik angielsko-polski - Tłumacz Google - › ...
  24. Proposed that idea years ago , was denied. After a couple of weeks later they gave it a go but it didnt last long , in the last few months of vanilla fs there were played by only 2 players max counting me and some guy (usually i was alone on the server for several hours).
  25. go talk to a innkeeper
  26. yes,but I do like the better graphic's and animations ,means I would not play vanilla in old graphic's
  27. Hello, This thread is quite old, you may want to check the torrent links listed in the play page as they may have more seeders.
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