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  2. Any idea when 2nd wing gear will get added to loot boxes since it's now open? If it has already, tooltip needs an update.
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  4. Hello, No this is not possible, the only way characters are moved across accounts is by the use of the store. This is due to many reasons, outside trading, free boris accounts ect..
  5. we both have point,i wont mind if they enable it,its just gonna be long que specially for horde side,my english is not flawless aswell,but hey you speak english as spanish,so dude u earned a respect from me
  6. Well, i understand your point Deaglee, but i am a pvp player and i think with my hearth. Alterac valley isn`t so long because killing people discount points. With the first boss dead and the towers knocked down the battle will last less than an hour. You can even put a time limiter or reduce the necessary points... Pd: Sorry for me english, im a spanish player.
  7. thats exactly why av will last long,cuz people like you going into mindless pvp mode and go for kill and then in the end ending lose,gainin nothing just a few honor kill,not to mention av and isle takes 80 players total,and if theres another av or isle,then its doubled,so think a bit,the queue will be longer as you discard the bg itself,and as i stated most of people doesnt know how to do that.If they gonna enable the av or isle,its gonna be bugged,take look at deepwind gorge bg,where the gold cart is bugged since 1-2 years,just imagine how unplayable av or isle would be,pst:i like pvp more than pve
  8. What you are saying prouve that you aren't such a PVP player as us, cause you know, we PVP players, like it when the BG take 1 hour or more, it's like when you are doing some Raid you pass a couple of hours in it enjoying your PVE, so do we when we are in a long BG, we jsut can't feel the time pass when we are killing, and killing , this is something only a true PVP player will understand mate But as encinao said you can just discard these long BGs, and don't worry it wont take a long time for others to join other BG, there is a lot of people logging in Sylvanas ( 4000 players on average connected ).
  9. Does anyone completed this achievement? I saw some guys that does that got the achievement but i don't have any quest from Maiev and i done all the broken shore quest that was available.
  10. interessed to join. added you on discord
  11. Hi, bei uns in der Gilde haben wir einen Addon-Channel bei uns auf dem Ts. Ist aber für Gildenleute. Ansonsten mal auf hier schauen: Und dann nach der Addonauswahl auf "Frühere Versionen" klicken und nach Downloadversionen für 7.3.5 suchen und downloaden LG Neo
  12. The Whirlwinds are 1317 and it lead to 80 procs, not to mention the other spells who also have 60% each of triggering the opportunity strikes! For all the morons, like crappy rogues and mages from jaja jungle...stick to your classes and dont mess here..idiots u have no idea how the things work
  13. Its about Opportynity Strikes low proc chance and not -25% healing. If u cannot understand this why the fuck u are posting your cheap bulshit ???? They are not even related moron! And I am not arguing, but u are to simple to understand it. So follow your own advice and Shut the fuck up!
  14. yes discard while the newbies or people who have no idea of it,just queing bg and takin all people from starting a decent normal bgs,and take look at the jajas,try av or isle with them
  15. I wish they will add it back in-game because I play retail and I like transmog on heirloom :^).
  16. Hallo Leute Kann hier jemand, mal netterweise seine addons also die Aktuell laufen hier Posten ?? Oder vielleicht als download anbieten ??? Wäre super nett von euch
  17. want do fun av
  18. you can discard two battegrounds, and i said many of us, not all
  19. Title: If there is a chance to move my character from other accounts to my main account? Type: In-game Description:  I have 3 other accounts which i made when i had ban. All those 3 accounts have similar e-mail adres to my main account. I really want to know if there is a chance to move my 3 characters (warrior - Dectar, mage - Cervel and druid - Hurken) on my main account. I would be glad if yes. Because I really dont want to lvl up next character and on one of them I have legendary item. I hope for a quick and positive answer. Grrodaor
  20. no we dont,it would take much players from other bgs to start,not to mention the people who just mindless pvp,which would make the av or isle to last long
  21. Many of us want to play alterac valley...
  22. I migrated 2 chars from Wow Freakz. Drekx which is monk that was succesfully transfered and Drekex a mage that wasnt transfered. Both were 110 on Freakz. Can I receive some help?
  23. Stabqt is the name of the char,its 110 now
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  25. hello, Well today I met several players in Sylvanas who want to play a long BG such as Alterac Valley, so maybe it's time to bring back these BGs and test them. I'm sure the admins wont regret that decision and it will not be a waste of time scripting Alterac Valley & Isle of Conquest or maybe only Alterac Valley for testing at first.
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  27. Title: Transmogging heirlooms again. Type: In-game Description:  Can we bring transmogging heirlooms back into the MoP realm and others? All know that you guys have disabled transmogging heirlooms because of a little bug since Rassharom, Menethil and Taran Zhu has been merged together and transmogging the heirlooms was even a thing when they implemented transmogging back in Cataclysm on Retail. Alot of players really want it back to the game and it would be a really cool thing... And no, it is not gamebreaking.
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  29. Im the Rank 1 RPer btw
  30. Unfortunately, that is not working as well. I've tried. After receiving e-mail abut purchase, you get same message (not supported).
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