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  3. Guys the wolves aren't attackable for alliance anymore why is this the case?
  4. Update: At level 98, go to your main city, do the quest "in the blink of an eye", which completes immediately, go to dalaran with the hearthstone you just received, go to krasus landing, pick your artifact weapon, fly from krasus landing to highmountain tauren and go to the spot, right down highmountain, kill diseased grubs, all this at level 98
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  6. Update: Level 85-90, get mining and a pickaxe, go to Pandaria, fly to the Timeless Isle, however you cannot fly in the isle itself. Pick any ores you can, they give approximately 22k xp each ore and you can reach in 30 minutes or so level 90.
  7. Well, if you need something, just message me in game whenever I'm online. If I happen to know any more ways I'll just post them here.
  8. I tried that and didn't work, even abandon the quest and got it again, nothing
  9. Solid replies. Interesting, I'll probably end up leveling a char too this then and comparing the /played - Definitely a more unique way to level through
  10. How do you even get to Redridge mountains from orgrimmar as a level 20? Isn't there a place in Kalimdor I can kill mobs at without having to get to the Eastern Kingdoms? Am Blood Elf.
  11. Edit: Level 80-85, there's a temple in Vashj'ir, you can there by the portals on your main town. The temple is called temple of Thelserai, on the far right of the map of Vashj'ir. Once you get here, kill the serpents.
  12. 1) Because this is a leveling guide for someone who doesn't wanna waste any time, I personally work so I don't have much time to quest, this is alot easier and faster. 2) It holds you back in gear, but there will always be monsters that drop gear, and with some money, once you reach 90 or so, there's gear selling on vendors. 3) I'm about to edit level 80-85, what I mean was that I have forgotten because I just came back into the game. 5) That would depend on the player obviously, but 3/4 days you can get 110. 6) Maybe not better but a lot quicker.
  13. Hello , I am having issue to login into Garrosh server . I am either getting error for the password and account name or im getting stuck at the ,,connecting" message . I have tried everything , restarting the pc , network , disconnecting all other devices . Nothing worked so far . Yesterday everything was good ...
  14. german guild

    Hallo an alle im Garrosh-Server! Unsere Gilde - Lordaerons Garde - ist vor 2 Wochen gegründet worden und soll ein Zuhause für deutschsprachige MoP-Spieler sein, nachdem wir feststellten, dass es nach heutigem Stand anscheinend keine vergleichbare Gilden (mehr) gibt. Wir suchen nach aktiven deutschsprachigen Leuten, die sich insbesondere für Dungeons, Raids und Questen interessieren. Was wir bisher bereits anbieten dürfen: - Gildenlevel 4, natürlich rasch ausbaufähig je mehr wir sind; - Gemeinsames Questen, Raids, Hilfe bei Inis und Leveln; - Gemütliches Beisammensein, lustige Gildenmitglieder und selten leeres Guild-Chat; - Voll eingerichtetes Discord-Server für die bessere Kommunikation; - Vieles mehr, wenn sich viele Gleichgesinnte uns anschließen! Fühlt Ihr Euch angesprochen? Dann jederzeit gerne eine Nachricht an Undtod oder Sepp schicken - wir freuen uns auf Euch!
  15. Heyho Kann man ein gesprech auf im ts führen? wenn es möglich ist
  16. io sono italiano se vuoi si può giocare insieme
  17. ci sta una gilda italiana?
  18. Shanee so i know how to do fast 1-60 but im stuck 60-85 with quests that are just boringg and taking long. Do you have good locations with easy quests or mob farm ?
  19. 1) Why are you killing mobs and not just questing? 2) If killing mobs hold you back in gear, it wouldn't be efficient to do this, making other methods of leveling way better? 3) How do you manage to not know about leveling 80-85 if you're making a guide on leveling. 4) How did you get level 110 if you have no idea how to level 80-85 in the guide you've just made? 5) If I followed your guide, how long would it take to obtain level 110? 6) Do you find your guide better than normal methods of leveling? I personally don't think this is a great guide and would advise new players not to follow this. There's faster ways to level and much better ways to level where it doesn't hold you back in gear. By the time you're level 60, you'll be level 60 with weapons for level 7's. This is an awful way to start leveling.
  20. about that 60-70. There are like 30 of them spawned in that big location. Its not very good spot. I managed to pull like 5 of them until they ran away, not 30
  21. Io sono italiano mi chiamo Ashilond
  22. Alan, it works. Thank you very much for your advice.
  23. no i have been only in Jade forest
  24. the problem continues, the dungeon does not allow to enter, sub level up to lvl 105 and I manage to enter normal, but the npc does not follow me and the event is not activated
  25. Alan, thanks, I will try it.
  26. Title: Accounts Type: In-game Description:  Add a VIP account back on the shop, I know some players have it. It would be nice to be able to create a instant 110 with starter gear, don't want vip to give high end gear though, so we can play more classes and factions without leveling. Throw in other perks like instant travel etc. I would also suggest instead of a generic legendary random lootbox, make available each legendary per class and spec so we can buy the ones we want instead of getting useless ones. Not many people can afford to buy 10 legendary lot boxes to get the one they are wanting/needing. Inveric, also maybe switch the 905 item level loot boxes to loyalty points like the 900 but have it cost according, ie instead of 200 make it 350..I have fed the staff for a couple weeks from firestorm points for me and my friend. Help a good customer out. .lol Sylvia
  27. I just downloaded everything I needed to play on the firestorm legion realms but whenever I try to login it says "No realms are currently available". Did I do something wrong or are the realms actually down?
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