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  2. Why even playing fucking trashstorm when you can play retail lul legit waste of time playing here
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  4. Items from Battleground have like almost always no stats on them.. at least for me
  5. Gm check this thread, either remove it or give me the power to do so. I dont mind. Keeping it this way might push players away from the server. It is very outdated.
  6. Greetings everyone! This Saturday the International Firestorm Staff Team on Sylvanas will be hosting a Transmog contest! So it's time to dress and impress! There will be 3 rounds for this event. We only have space for up to 20 participants. It's first come first serve for invites due to limited space in the group. In the first round we will eliminate half of the contestants. Then in the second round the judges will eliminate half the contestants again until the judges have picked the final 5 contestants. In the third round the judges will decide who's the first place, second place or third place. Categories: Matching colors Rarity of outfit Use of emotes, toys, trinkets etc Event Details: Realm: Sylvanas Time: 7:00 PM server time. Rules: Be respectful. Follow instructions given to you by Game Masters. Follow all server rules. Do not PvP. If you break any of these rules you will be given a warning, if you continue you will be removed from the event. Prizes: First place: Reins of the Twilight Harbinger , Gorgeous title and 30.000 gold. Second place: Companion of choice, Gorgeous title and 20.000 gold. Third place: Gorgeous title and 10.000 gold. Keep in mind: Dress to impress! We as the International Staff are excited to see your look and looking foward to the event! Kind regards, Head Game Master Xalira
  7. 980 lol
  8. اسم وی پی ان که میگی چیه ما لنگیم اسمش چیه
  9. Hello,i've downloaded both version of Legion (Full/Minimal) but when i try to launch WoW,CSA error shows up . I have tried to fix it by this solution also tried But nothing worked Any clues how to fix it? I'd appreciate it .
  10. Title: shop update Type: Shop Description:  can we get an update for the 955ilvl items that cost 300coins to become 980ilvl for the new season pls?
  11. Yesterday
  12. We are looking for all classes. No exceptions. And we're doing ToS right now, as you can see in our previous raid updates. best regards Neosilver
  13. Title: Migration Type: In-game Description:  So, as you may read, i wanna ask a question about migration, i migrated from wowfreakz legion to Firestorm, but my characters went to legion server too, is there a way to transfer them to MoP server (Garrosh) i have few friends there and i am kinda tired of leveling zones i went through 20 times. Thanks for any answers
  14. I think you have to visit the flying trainer to learn basic flying on Boris characters.
  15. Title: help Type: In-game Description: I have, a problem with boris, when i click to make my hero 110lv it started to load, but the surver stop and now i cant get 110lvl acc and my hero is 1lvl.Please HELP!!! Now i have only my old 110lvl hero
  16. Thats why they made it only for 3s, so ppl play it.
  17. I made a character over Boris I have unlocked flying in legion but my character will not fly clear when it's acc achievement?
  18. Last week
  19. I've done all the steps in the right way but when i open the launcher automatically start the legion client download ( and under the giant blue button "Install" there's not a little white link called "Already installed ? ) how can i fix it?
  20. Good evening I have a panda level from 1 to 90 and now I started a game with a human how do I get immediately to level 90? thanks in advance
  21. I'd rly stop waiting for HFC, they're not releasing it. Only way they will release it is if they see Gul'dan population rise and so far it's been falling. To them it makes no sense to invest in a server that is going downhill, they would rather put those resources into Legion.
  22. I have a problem, i messed up on migration.I only migrated 1 chat that i wanted from Monster WoW and now my main char(dk) is left behind on that server.Is there anything i can do or maybe send my request to some administrator so i can get my dk on firestorm server since i wanna play here from now on? I would appreciate if anyone from FS stuff can help me.
  23. Sorry I did not pay attention to what I was writing , I mean 940 above 940 on legends, I think we can't go pass 940 because blizz removed it in 7.2.5 and added the new one and i was asking about the 2nd slot for legends , you know the one that you need to wait for like a week to unlock
  24. Hello, Your legendaries should be max for what we are currently at, if not you can always do the quest to level them. The 3rd slot will be unlocked. You can get higher than 840 as world quests give 860+
  26. Hello , I just transferred my chars from Freakz like 20 mins ago , do I get the Ilvl on my legendaries maxed for 7.3.5 patch (Freakz is 7.1.5), some quests we're removed in 7.2.5andyou can't get past 840 ilvl and will we get the 2nd arte slot or do we need to grind them again? Thank you for the transfer and please try to help me.
  27. Hi people have a problem with the Dreanor pure started and on a mission it bugs so that I can not continue questing at dreanor on the mission "A Taste of Iron" I try to get into the canoe but it just disappears and yes there and kill 200 people
  28. ce rimasto un gruppo italiano ?
  29. Hey guys, I started a new rogue on this server a couple of days ago, and I wanted to ask how is rogue doing on this server overall ... is it fixed yet ? Because I read a lot about rogue being broken and stuff. I just want to know if it's worth it to level up my rogue .. Thanks for answers :))
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