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  3. Looking forward to the release!
  4. Alright, here it goes then Raid difficulty: Normal How to reproduce the issue: What happened: Grove Tenders apply a "Shrink" debuff on players, but it doesn't shrink. Upon expiration it still does the compensating effect and enlarges the player. This can be stacked however much you want. What should happen on retail: The "Shrink" debuff is supposed to shrink the player model then enlarge it to its normal size upon expiration. Screenshot, video record or anything else that might bring more details on your report. Raid difficulty: Normal How to reproduce the issue: What happened: on High Botanist Tel'arn "Parasitic Fetter" effect isn't removed after the debuff itself is removed. Relogging doesn't fix it either. Only death. What should happen on retail: "Parasitic Fetter" is a DoT effect that should be dispelled, unrooting the player and spawning 2 adds. Screenshot, video record or anything else that might bring more details on your report. Raid difficulty: Normal How to reproduce the issue: What happened: on High Botanist Tel'arn the explosion animation on "Solar Collapse" is absent What should happen on retail: When "Solar Collapse" is happening, every swirling cloud has an exploding animation before disappearing. Screenshot, video record or anything else that might bring more details on your report. Raid difficulty: Normal How to reproduce the issue: What happened: on the way to Elisande the portal that should be able to port you back down or to Gul'Dan has both options not working and in Russian. What should happen on retail: The portal should be able to work both ways and not trap players on top. Screenshot, video record or anything else that might bring more details on your report. As usual, I can only provide the Fatboss guide to High Botanist
  5. Server moved to Germany: Login server to Russia.
  6. Title: Transmog and hide weapon enchants on MOP. Type: In-game Description:  Ever wanted to transmog a neat looking weapon, only to find out that the look of it gets ruined by an enchant covering it up? I run into this issue all too often on MOP.... I propose that an extra feature be added to the transmog NPCs that would allow a player to transmog their enchants, or even straight up HIDE them, it would bring so much more variety to mogs!
  7. Yeah sure, atm the whole raid is scripted on normal and heroic difficulties, there are a few things left to do (the escort with Khadgar & Thalryssa isn't finished yet for example), but you can report any issue you find.
  8. If i recall correctly the server is located in France. So yeah EU.
  9. I'm having this exact same issue, incredibly annoying
  10. It doesn't work. In my case I am using the launcher, but I also downloaded the torrent version of TLK, the WTF folder doesn't contain any, and in the in-game menu there is this layout... (image) I've tried everything listed above, and from other posts, and it hasn't changed. Please help.
  11. Sorry if this is a dumb question but i can't find it anywhere on the site, is this server located at NA or EU?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Title: Make lower armor type gear available in shop Type: Shop Description:  I am a rogue. I want to buy a cloth Wrath item because it looks nice with my current gear. I can wear it, because I can wear leather or cloth gear. I am not going to transmog it, I am going to wear it "as is", because rogues can wear cloth too. I cannot buy it in shop because the shop will only show "leather" items to my rogue. Make lower armor types available. to classes that can wear them, even if they are the "wrong" type of armor for that class to wear. We don't care if it has the wrong traits or can't be transmogged onto leather, because we just want to wear the actual cloth item for its looks.
  14. @Cpt. ShampooingDo you accept feedback for bosses beyond the first 3? Or some raid mobs/adds/trash/whatever?
  15. Hi, to set up the game for the "german" language you can use the Firestorm Launcher. After you started him do click: 1) "F-Button" at the top left corner of the launcher 2) click on "Seetings" 3) Select your installed Addon 4) Look for the drop-down menü: "Game language" 5) Look if the menü contains the option "Deutsch" best regards Neosilver
  16. I just downloaded the whole game, but ingame there is everything in English. But I would prefer to play the game in German. I would know how to do in the launcher, but like I said, i just downloaded the full client, because I don´t wanna deal with the bugs all the time.
  17. Got 5 chars and none of them has prestige. I only do BGs from time to time with guildies, and we win 90% of the time. Git gud or find a grp of people with a brain to play with. Or just make a char on Greymane for whenever you want to PvP. @Prime you can't even spell "Sylvanas", mate. Or did she change her to "Slyvanas"?
  18. i care, because if you decline and the que does not proc you get deserter, so try not to be annoying and immature when you reply. grow up. 2nd this happened to be a few times, very annoying and stupid, its not like i missed the que or left during bg/arena , it was i declined before it started or proc'ed. It does need too be fixed. But thats only if they care about not wasting peoples time , prob wasted about 45min+ of my time because of this. -in one day-
  19. He is also immature, just ignore him, i play on grey and i think its unfair and it also too me a different type of pvp as well. i pref instant 110 for pvp purposes and if you want too see what a class is like when you reach 110. but with it being instant 110 pvp ready 840 ilvl start and all pvp talents unlocked i wont make another toon on slyv server because its pointless, unless there were different stat changes which made grey player stats reduced (dont see as big number hits with crit/strong abilitys), and or if there was more reward for pvping on slyv, i played pvp on sly and you cannot get over like 850,855 gear sadly so rip pvp and surprise pve.
  20. Last week
  21. Title: WoD-Make 3s great again Type: In-game Description:  Hi, we all know that WoD server Gul'dan is dying pvp-wise. Arena teams barely queue 3v3 and it's only a dead wintrade bracket. I suggest Giving custom rewards for playing 3v3 arenas (Mostly Loyalty points).
  22. Probably you are prestige, so this doens't bother you but I think this bothers many players including myself.
  23. Hi and thank you for your answer Tweeke, I would like to reply to that. I do as much mm+ as possible on a day, (btw. mm+15) and I do 2Raids on Sunday: En Normal and EN HC. On top of that I do WorldQuest too and killing rar NPCs If I see one. So what more do you want from me? Do you want me to spend my whole life on that Server online? Can I get the information about what content clearing will give me the most "legendary points"? Can I get more points from mm+ 2 or mm+ 10 (and higher) or is for example mm+15 equal to EN HC -Raid ? Or I am forced to do more BGs? Because I do more PvE instead of PvP. br Neosilver
  24. @Aelorion You deserve a metal. A big fat metal.
  25. @Aelorion You deserve a metal. A big fat metal.
  26. Hey again @cerb, Sorry for the late response. Second artifact appearances are achieved through many ways such as reaching max artifact knowledge or achieving them through PvP. Regards, Cigatronix
  27. Just keep questing, you'll find English speaking members eventually.
  28. I believe that he meant a phone number should be optional, but if he didn't, I would much rather it be optional therefore the people who have 5 accounts such as you don't have to keep putting it in or using different phone numbers.
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