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  3. Hi, Someone know which one hidden appearance for rogue is available to get?
  4. Thank you
  5. Title: we need mage tower in BFA shop here is why Type: Shop Description:  when BFA launch nearly everyone will just jump ship from legion for BFA which means when you have new character you won't be able to do dungeon/raid to get enough gear to do mage tower because legion would have very small playerbase , so please i request we get it in bfa in shop same how we have mist of pandaria challenge gear exist in shop
  6. Hello everyone, I want to discuss it here, if not, please forgive me. Recently, Windows 10 updated the update of Creators Update. I have a laptop and I am considering updating from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Do you know all the new features of Windows 10? I want to know more about it, is it worth upgrading? Thank you and best regards!
  7. Yesterday
  8. It actually worked for me too, thx.
  9. Hello, The realm is a closed beta, you require a key to enter. Please find more information about the closed beta here - This this will be marked as declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  10. Hello, You only need one for the dalaran hearthstone, you wouldn't be able to complete both because you can't hold 2 of those items.
  11. try to change resolution to the same value u r using outside the game
  12. agreed warrior needs fix not hunter
  13. what s bugged about it? i say pala is bugged to nerf plz
  14. the com is running to the legion server because they prefer buggy as hell but new over wod for whatever reason with a population below far below 500 i doubt they ll put any effort here and this will most likel repeat for the legion server once bfa is released
  15. it s starts. depending on ur system it will take while though
  16. u can also get looms by lp or fp
  17. I have to complete the Quest "In the Blink of an Eye" to go to Legion content. So, i should use the portal in Orgrimmar (The Cleft Of Shadows). But it isn't there at all. I read about it on the Forum, And some of the GM's say there are 2 quest's and should auto-complete, but one did, and the other didn't. Help me please, I can't play.
  18. Oh crap , I'm migrating from Freakz myself too. Hope it doesn't drags that long. Thanks , I found at least some information about all of this.
  19. Title: the world no changer Type: In-game Description:  Hace un mes o menos descargué battle for azeroth entro y pongo mi cuenta blizzard y aparece error(51900003) y lo raro es que estoy conectado a mi red wifi. Necesito ayuda, por favor. cuenta: no he podido nisiquiera crear mi personaje.
  20. When do you think that the bot will be updated?
  21. nvm seems the if hl vendor isnt implemented
  22. seems to be a thing to kill heirloom vendors and other important npcs well it s not much a problem in sw or org as there r often enough others take care off those assholes but it looks different for the heirloom vendor in if having to wait that long is rly frustrating and in worst case he s even getting killed while u looking up the stuff u want to buy so my suggestion is to reduce respawntimer and/ or increase npc lvl/ stats, guards, way to easy atm
  23. Last week
  24. Not right now, but once the migration bot has been updated to support freakz new patch it will start moving again.
  25. Hello, Ideally he should have left a comment on it for a higher rank to read rather than sending you to forums as they are rarely browsed by higher staff, nether the less I'll move this to general discussion and leave it open for you.
  26. Hello, The realm list for legion is - "" In future please do not post for help in suggestions, use technical support.
  27. Hello, I had issues with this quest, for some reason when I entered in combat it didn't work. I had to abandon and retake the quest and kill all the mobs first before entering and it triggered without issue.
  28. Hello, I'll upload a wow.exe for you and can you see if it's the same issue.!azgkmaTI!4neVjds73uSgZ5WMM5fvqtovxF0A61xajCe_VsuUj84
  29. Today
  30. Title: Suhaj Type: In-game Description:  Hello! I went to RFL, and i Didn't get loot. Felmark GM said, i need to write here.The instance was "Antorus, the Burning Throne" I killed the last two bosses, "Argus the Unmaker" and "Aggramar " I didn't get loot from both bosses. Can you give me it in something way? Thank you! My next problem is with World Quests. Theese Quests always there, and there is no way to delete them. I get them from an NPC. These are Profession Quests. I don't have any profs. Can you delete them somehow? Thank you! In the GM chat windows you can read about these problems, and you can see whe World Quests List, and from the Recount, i was in the instance. Have a great day. - Suhaj
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