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  4. I'm also not seeing the board. It has come and gone for the last few weeks although this time it's been gone longer than before.
  5. Title: Swift Purple Raptor Type: In-game Description:  Hello, I wanted to have this mount Swift Purple Raptor that is sold by Samamba in the glance crown (Silver Tournament) but this NPC sells the other 2 mounts except that one. I inform you that I have earned Champion of Sen'jin by completing daily quests and I have enough Champion's Seal to purchase this mount. I farmed this mount for several days, I'm disappointed not to have found it in NPC shopping, I really wish I had it. Would it be possible for a GM to give it to me in the game or a developer to script it so I can buy it ? This mount does not appear in the Firestorm Shop, so there's really no way I can get it. Thank you for your answers in advance
  6. So, I am in the Mage Order Hall and I want to get some missions done but OH, the mission board is not there. Is it a bug? It was there three days ago.
  7. If you jump, use keyboard to interact, and click in the right spot you will eventually get it... Pain in the ass for sure
  8. This is the German Forum or not ?!? so whats the problem...
  9. Incompatible usually means that you have the wrong WoW version to connect to it. Run Blizzards WoW Launcher to get all wow 7.3.5 files.
  10. There is a bug tracker which you should use to submit bugs.(under the More menu).
  11. Please Unbug my chart “Fadal” ASAP!!!!!
  12. Nah, I don't think so. I don't talk to Mima (Edgie) anymore. We kinda had a falling out over some dumb personal shit. If things change though in the upcoming future I'll post an update.
  13. I know this isn't a bug section but i couldn't find a forum dedicated to bugs so i decided to post it here. I've just started my adventures in the Maelstrom and i can't complete the first quest: Name: Deepholm, Realm of Earth -Jump on Aggra's Wyvern and fly into the breach at the Maelstrom. Once You're on the other side, speak to Maruut Stonebinder. So i go to jump on the wyvern but I cant jump on it, nor can i speak to Aggra like to a flight master. Is this a bug?
  14. Can please Moderator or GM to type here when server is incontabile to say why is it that and what they fix.
  15. Ban

    Appeal your suspension here -
  16. Please contact a member of the Administration team for assistance.
  17. eh wasnt there a bug with manatea where u got more stacks than u should resulting in high manareg? and no matter how u look at it having 30x the heal of the second place isnt merely a gear difference...
  18. its not a exploit mw monk can heal faster than the other classes but they losing mana faster than you thinks. He can just puts dots on all and heal much
  19. mind ur language boy using that kind of tone wont make the fix faster
  20. this actually sounds like resi is not working properly against some hunter pets?
  21. what exploit is he using?
  22. Hello this forum is only for english. If you need any help then write english
  23. Hier mal eine Info von einem unserer Gildenmitglieder, die Quest für das Bufffood für Meisterschaft +300 geht auch nicht auf dem PTR. Soweit die Info eines meiner Gildenmember. Es ist aber schon irgendwie sehr ... bemerkenswert, dass eine solche Quest schon länger als 1 Jahr buggy ist. LG Neosilver
  24. Solved via discord support, anyone else with this issue joining an arena solved the cool down issue.
  25. Appeal here -
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  28. Please unbann me i will never do it again pls, pls i brought all my friends to firestorm now all my friends playing and am not, pls i spend so much time on this server, pls unbann me i will never do it again :(((
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