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  2. How long should i wait? 2 months are enought i mean
  3. You're welcome, glad i could help. Have a nice pre xmas week. Best regards
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  5. thanks for the support buddy !
  6. Yeap, please make AV great again #makeavgreatagain
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  8. It has been now a few weeks with this bug continously manifesting and it's seriously not acceptable with all the things bugged you have to relog for (WQ, Vendicaar, DF and RF queues, etc.). You can't relog in peace with your char that you will gamble to be stuck in a 90% loading screen bar for half an hour. Get ur sh*t together and fix this once and for all, forget rushing BfA, fix live server first please. It's not acceptable in a private server this important and populated to be scared of relogging because either you get stuck 1 hour in a loading screen without being able to play or flying around the map having to unstuck 90% of the times. Please release at least a statement on the issue, all those reports and not a staff member saying something about this bug. Not really making a good impression on the customers.
  9. i want to transfer 2 characters from freakz to here plz help me
  10. Yo, im posting this video here, with the location of ALL the hidden chests in argus. Hope it will help you !
  11. Дам най-накрая Шиварите са долу на хероик. Остана да прогресираме последните два боса. Прогреса към момента ни е 11/11 нормал и 9/11 хероик. Рейдваме от 20:00 българско време или 19:00 сървер време.Набираме хора основно танкове и хилари но има място за добри дпста също, шанс да покажете какво можете ще се даде на всеки който е с желание за игра и прогрес.
  12. Hello and Good morning/Evening so in all and all i wanna see Gold Challenge Weapons able to be bought in game like for the GOLD Challenge Armors from mop because now players can't do challenge modes which restrict them from gaining these sweet Transmog weapons so please consider my ticket.
  13. if i migrate my mop warlock with green fire to legion will still i have green fire or it turn to red again?
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  15. Please message an Administrator for assistance fixing your migration forum, discord is the best method of contact.
  16. Hello, Please contact Administrators for help removing the authenticator if you have lost your backup codes.
  17. Hi, i dont now how to explain it, i have another Account here on Firestorm, but cant log in, after log in he asked me for " Authenticator" ??? i dont have a Authenticator, i mean i dont activate it !!! I need Help pls.... D.
  18. hello everyone , sorry if it's a french commentary pvp video , but i try to do a mixt style montage (commentary + pvp montage) , there is not specialy very importante message , just many ridiculous moment , with my sexy french accent voice . see you
  19. ej ktoś jest?
  20. i type my second character to migrate fault :S....... is there any way to refix this and migrate my second character to here?
  21. I would love to join some RolePlaying groups!
  22. Last week
  23. with the artifact weapon unequipped and in my bags while in the spec and relogging and re-eqipping it again did indeed solve my problem....many thanks to you.../tips hat
  24. Ciao, come gilda attiva in ally ci siamo solo noi (Serendipity), spammiamo poco perchè la community italiana in ally è veramente ridotta, di solito intercettiamo facilmente chi cerca gilda in ally leggendo le richieste in world chat_en o _it. Se siete interessati ad antrare chiedete ad un officer o veteran, c'è sempre qualcuno online
  25. thanks for your input i will try that and post results.
  26. My mistake, meant to quote the newest comment >.<.
  27. I had the same problem with my two other artifact weapons. I "fixed" one by going to the Netherlight Crucible and using the +5 ilvl traits, the other one acted like yours. Relogging and respeccing did not fix it for my third artifact. Unequipping the artifact weapon (put it in your bag) while in the according specc and then relogging and re-equipping it again solved it for me. Best regards
  28. Uhm? thanks for the reply from july? doesnt matter anyways, we cant even get the rewards.
  29. i was able to get 1 rank in two different traits however i could not get more than 1 rank so i relogged and lost the ranks i bought but look at my AP amount its less. so it used up some of my AP but still unable to purchase traits.
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