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  1. We've disabled cross realms to fix all the crashes that it was causing. It'll be back very soon!
  2. We'll need a bugtracker ticket with the spells. We can't work with this kind of message only saying that they're broken.
  3. Because it's scripted on MOP.
  4. Accepted for the fun realm.
  5. We will soon allow you to take pictures ingame and put it on your forum profile. And the new forum theme is coming soon@Peluche
  6. No, multiboxing will remain bannable.
  7. Well, we are happily recruiting you If you have enough knowledge to develop this kind of massive feature in a few days. How much do you want? Choose a number, we will give it! On a more serious note, cross realm battleground is the most challenging feature we had to develop in years. You don't even imagine how complicated it can be, and it's cannot be ported to a higher expansion in a single click. It is coming for WoD, but we're still actively developing it.
  8. I've been told there was a nice panda drawing here, I'm not disappointed.
  9. BRF coming sooner than you think! What.. who said next week?
  10. The two last wings of Highmaul will be available Wednesday the 25th on LFR! You'll be able to queue for the all the bosses in Highmaul, and get some amazing items!
  11. No, of course not. We're many retail players here (including me). Just don't send your bnet account on this forum If you want to be safe.
  12. I guess you can ask them.
  13. 1) Yes. Kavos, Harcpp and Shelby are the three devs responsible for the reverse engineering of the new patches and expansions. If we're always first on a new expansion, It's because of them. Last year for WoD we didn't have Kavos, yet, so it's going to be even faster. But we only put Kavos, on it for now since Hardcpp and Shelby have a lot of work to do on WoD currently. Sovak's only job was always to do some reverse engineering for new patches or expansions, he's not a spell developer or anything else, so nothing change for the WoD development. 2) We're still discussing this internally. Even If Blizzard has been really nice with us during all these years, we never tried to release a game before they do, and something tells me that they might not like it. Might.. So we don't know yet, we might send few invitations to our current players and open an alpha realm. 3) Forwarded to Kavos, he should answer here soon.
  14. If you update the files with once Legion is available, then no you won't have to download it again.
  15. We already answered to this: We'll be the first to develop a Legion emulator as usual, so you can expect Legion here before every other servers. But yes.. Don't expect it before June.