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  1. Still the same for me. No more quests after doing the first part.
  2. And what about the other legion zones like highmountain, etc? will you script them like you did with azsuna and val'sharah?
  3. Hi. I just dont know how can i get the portal to the mage class order hall. I got an instant quest, handed it in at the undead guy but nothing happened.. no further quests, etc. Is it bugged?
  4. Hi guys. I started the above mentioned quest yesterday but it was bugged. I could not move with Farondis and his spells were weak. After a while it threw me out of the controls and now I am stuck. Can someone help me what to do now? I want to level further.
  5. I didnt use any aoe, but they killed me like 10 times. It is impossible to do quests, kill mobs and thus to progress because people usually attack you because they can or feel like doing it. Even worse are the group attacks. I know, i know, dont play in a pvp server then, but i have no choice. It is similar to that south park episode when the guys at a tv provider did circles around their nipples with their fingers. Hah, you have to play it if you want to continue playing on firestorm.
  6. I know it is not a pve server, but I also fckng hate that you cant level because some idiot lvl 100+ constantly ganks those areas and it is impossible to do anything. Just annoying as hell.
  7. Hi all:) Why is the server restricted to only 1000 players? You know, I waited for this expansion to be released like hell, and I am very happy about your work, but my question is whether it will be expanded or not.
  8. same here
  9. Dear staff, I have a serious problem considering your new update - I played with my hunter and whenever I had an active pet and the server disconnected, my pets disappeared, all of them.. Please try to fix this problem as soon as possible. It is not safe to play a hunter this way
  10. also, if you go to Ironfist harbour (southwest of nagrand) you can solo some better gear, but not extraordinary. build the profession buildings in your garrison and the trading post as well, to buy crafting materials. there are like 3-4 items you can craft in the profession buildings even if you dont have that profession, but if you have, you can craft more powerful ilvl 640 gear.
  11. no, there is a direct flight path to ashran from your garrison flight master, so you dont have to walk
  12. Hi Can anyone help me? Suddenly the trader from my garrison disappeared, no problem, I could pick up the quest Trick of the Trade, which asks me to find him and make him return to the post. Can anyone tell me where the heck is he?? I can't find him anywhere. Is it even possible to complete that quest? Or can I forget about my building?
  13. Sorry, I meant with skipping healing
  14. Hi Is it possible to solo here the ICC without skipping healing the dragon boss? It is kinda annoying
  15. Hi I have experienced like 1000 times, that whenever I create my transmog with my char, it disappears when I login and have to do it again and again, but it is always lost. Is it me, or does anyone else has a problem like it?