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  1. Title: Tideskorn Harbor STORMHEIM! Type: In-game Description:  You have a lot of world quests for Stormheim, but I'm thinking not even half of them work. Tideskorn Harbor has no mobs anything. like it has not been phased in and never will. This has never been a phase in an area so many others and I would like the mobs to be scripted into the game. And would be nice if u ACTUALLY tested all the World quests you SAY you fixed and implemented, so you wouldn't have people telling u what to put into the game. Just shows how negligent and lazy the team is, for how much you get paid for stealing you should be more attentive. not like having the team that is sitting on their ass doing nothing won't have the time to test all the content u so call implement. if it was fixed and implemented correctly then there wouldn't be fuck-ups that need more attention. it's like the team gets paid to not care about the game or the people that put money into the servers and keep them alive in the first place.
  2. yea there are many problems. ur suppose to be merged with 3 other teams and yet its been over a week for a update or anything getting fixed. wat are u guys exactly doing if not sitting on ur ass and taking ur sweet ass time. should be updates all the time with the amount of people working on it. and u have people donating.