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  1. 30 days ban by random check high keys or specificly for us(who knows,i'm not sure but it seems some gms are role abusing to finish their bans job and get payed,to make it look like they are really working for server stability) is just a stupid and unfair for an already shity scripted bosses.i did my ban appeal,it got denied and they keep saying there are evidence on us exploiting,we're not denying our fault,but our fault is 50% our deeds 50% server deeds.
  2. glade to hear about the new tournament pvp realm,dunno if it the best place to provide my feedback so: -it best if it avoid grinding mechanics like artifact knowledge and power,better we start with full artifact talent tree from the beginning and season 1 pvp sets(farming gear from random lootbox is annoying because the other pve mechanics are disabled). -world pvp zone like the old WOD tournament-realm with cosmetics rewards.
  3. maybe you should lower it to 20 rank at least!
  4. all legion expansion is about artifact gains.we're in the first patch of legion if you forget.that 30% gain is damn pay to win.that's it
  5. explaine why it's not
  6. 30% more artifact points gained. 30% more honor points gained. pay to win firestorm.you need to stop this! legion is about artifact and honor benefits
  7. Title: Racial change bug Type: In-game Description:  Character name: Tyrgan expansion: Legion i did a racial change from night elf to Worgen,and now i'm missing ALL WORGEN RACIALS PASSIVS AND ACTIVES. here's a link of what my character miss: http://www.wowhead.com/worgen#racial-traits
  8. Thank u i'm really for a legion beta realm here befor launch