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  1. People go to legion...
  2. So, I got this quest at a time when I dropped this item on Molten core, but where the hell did I give this quest? I already looked at google, youtube and nothing man! If anyone knows where to deliver it, tell me.
  3. Yes , its like ''old outlands'' of the alpha game , have only some structures look The Screenshot
  4. Me in old outlands
  5. i downloaded from direct download (chrome) , get 6 hour with 2 mbps , Torrent download with 5-10Kbps , to full download with torrent get 1 year and 6 months..
  6. We players, could we use glitches to explore areas that would be '' inaccessible '' ?? Like Quel'thalas , Old outland and Old naxxaramas ?? I'm sure the answer is No, but it does not hurt to try .I looked at the rules of the server and did not see anything that prohibits using bugs to exploit, I just found this. General exploiting: The malicious use of bugs in a way that normal game-play would not permit, generally giving the user an unnatural advantage. But the glitches to explore do not give any advantages. Sorry for bad english , google translator not good Have a good day.
  7. Stats changed from Mop to legion...
  8. Doesn't matter?? im on firestorm like 2 years (more than 60 days spent on chars) and didn't recive the beta key ... why only players that have lucky should recive a reward??
  9. Nah, that would not be right, a lot of people wanted to get into closed beta to help and they could not...
  10. yes , im looking for a solution
  11. Someone knows how to fix Gluexml character screen error??
  12. same here
  13. Do you know where have a Torrent??
  14. Where i can download legion full game??