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  1. ok come non detto 9/9 heroic
  2. Aggiornamento sullo stato del progress della momento siamo a 9/9 di battle for dazar alor Normal e a 8/9 heroic
  3. ciao ragazzi, potete tranquillamente contattare in game qualsiasi officer, vi metto una lista di player cosi` da aggiungerli tra gli amici Darthsvaper steny Prestonbrews/zarodel dottino rhonire yoshi tezcatlipoca Stebry
  4. Fixed as well
  5. Is fixed on live now
  6. Same for reported and we are waiting for the devs work
  7. Is already reported...i am waiting devs to work on it
  8. i personally agree with both sides, is true that there are a lot of bugs, and is also true that a lot of them has occurred during the porting of the patch for some reason, i dont know why, but it allways happened that with the updating of a massive patch like this a lot of bugs occurs, i personally had to retest all shaman spells (i am the shaman CM) because because of some updates things got broken....and do all the work again, and again and again... and here i agree with tweek that there is no way to evoid just please be patient
  9. Guys, again.....i had to spend 30 MINUTES cleaning the bugtracker because a lot of ppl reportec like 3 times the same bug, master of the element, sundering, Etc. plz do ma a favor, BEFORE REPORTING A BUG LOOK IF THERE IS ANOTHER ONE FOR THE SAME SPELL, if i see 2 reports with the same bug i will instantly delete your reports, so plz spend 2 seconds reading the bugtracker titles otherwise will be a complete mess
  10. Ps, another solution for error 132 error for ne was to reinstall the game and start the 8.2 exe first and download all the files and then u can start playing the live version...for some reason that worked for me
  11. I had error 132 as well, u just have to find the right drivers for your graphics card, I have an nvidia Quadro 100m I had to uninstall them and reinstall the latest ones
  12. Hi guys,i come today with a request, i have seen a lot of times on the bugtracker that u guys report A LOT of ppl reporting the exact same bug...especially the primal elementalist bug...some guys have repirted the bug, i answered there everything u need to know, i answered in a post here on the forum about the same topic...and still i find some new post on the tracker about the same guys...plz if u want to report sonething on the tracker u are more then welcome to help me....but still...i dont like to clear 100 times the bugtracker because of the same bug reported several time...i hope u guys undestand.
  13. I know about that, i had the same problem myself, in the last couple of weeks more and more ppl reported me the same problem so i reported it directly to devs...sadly at this moment all if them are busy fixing 8.2 staff, so they answered that a general fix will be done with the launch of 8.2 in order to fix this for everyone...otherwise a dev should log in game to fix the problem for each one of u, and u can understand that this is impossible to them... I am very sorry for the late fix bit i promise u that with 8.2 launch (as we say in the dev news should be at the end of octomber) the fix will be available for everyone, i apologize again for the inconvinience and my english! ;-P
  14. Hi all guys, i am the new/old shaman Class master for sethraliss realm...i want to open this post just to let u know that we are working as much ad we can to give u the best expereance possible paying the shaman class on this server....but (there is a but) sadly dont expect too many fixes on live for now....almost all devs are working on the next patch in order to script everything as fast as possible, and i am also working very hard to fix the 8.2 bugs more then the live version...i am sorry then if some of the bugs on live are still there, but i hope u understand my piority. Thanks to all of us for the understanding....and also i am sorry for my english... For any info feel free co contact me here or on discord
  15. if u are talking about the talent changes happened in 8.1 u will have to wait until the next patch will be released. All the firestorm staff is working on it and will be released as soon as it will be playable, i cant tell exactly when but will be very soon. ps i understand you man! I main Elemental too!XD