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  1. Hi guys, i was wandering if someone has the Alchemy profession rised to 800....because for the moment i am stack at 780 and everything is grey...creating flasks for now doesnt give me any recipe for rank 3...or even there anyone that menaged to take those recipes?
  2. The mission board is allways there...some times is just invisible...;) u can still find the board if u move your mouse a little bit where the boars should be...if u dont see the board go there and then move your cursor a little bit an u will see that when u find the spot u can still use it!
  3. Yes i know about that...try to change spec and then change back into enha...this should fix everything
  4. And about enhancement...indeed there are some critical stormbringer proc...but is not that bad....i saw someone doing more that 400k in raid so il clearly not that bad...if now u cannot do more that 300k after the fix u will reach 300...but not more....truat me...the spec is working pretty fine atm...all of them and are just spend a little bit of time in front of the dummy and try your rotation....for exemple i am tring now the icefury build...until now i was using ascendance....the rotation is pretty challenging...but i have to say that i began with 250k on the with 2 days of practice on the dummy i can stay at 340k withoit so much problems...and i am 861 without any legendary...that is pretty guys trust me...this time spent on yhe dummy is really usefull
  5. For resto u need a lot more mastery at that ilvl u should have more than 100% mastery... and u have a lot of crit....try to change something and bring your mastery to 100% for the moment...but i definitly dont need that much crit
  6. Ho guys, i came today asking u for help, i become really busy in real life, i chamged my main pg for a bm monk and i dont log in my shaman exept for testing the i ask u some help, i need someome that whant to be class master with me expecially with enhancement spec, if someone of u is interested contact me on pm or discord (as toroseduto) or tweek
  7. Anche epic herb owner in orda, la più grossa ita in orda al momento
  8. Of corse we know that there is a bug with weekly chests...i am in the same situation as u...we are currently working on it to digire out what is happening and understand from where the bug is coming from...same for daily emissary chests and so on...we are doing our best to take care of everything, trust me
  9. There is a bug that if u have 2 research under work when u are 25 u can use them and reach the lever 27 until u relog
  10. The loot system from chests is loked to +10 so if this week u do a +15 the highest item that u will take will be allways from a +10
  11. The energy regen is under patient, is possible that in the following days we will have an hotfix
  12. Yeah, i can easly say that atm all specs are 90% working for pve...some honor talents that arent working but most of things is working fine...ah and i am looking on some streamings of some guilds and i saw a lot of shamans...especially in virtuality guild an enhancement shaman was top dps at cenarius with 500k at the end of the raid with my elemental with 38 traita and 859 ilvl i can easly do 330/350k dps...and i am not a top player with shaman because for some time i am maining a brewmaster monk because my guild needs a tank for my performances are not so great with the shaman anymore...but at the end i can say that all of the 3 spect are workimg just if u have some issues just ask someone that knows really how to play.
  13. U need a lot less crit and more mastery...haste is fine
  14. I dont really know why most of enhancement shamans do so low dps...i play shaman in all 3 specs, and on emerald nightmare i do 300k+ dps at the end of the boss...atm none of the 3 specs have major bugs...we have only a few minor bugs that dont influence so much the final dps...maybe 2 or the only thing i can think is that u are pushing the wrong stats...
  15. Yes, it is