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  1. So I like to create backstories for my characters, and now that I'm playing with a DH I'm thinking about a Blood Elf who used to be a Warlock and lost everything when he summoned a demon who was more than he could manage and ended up killing some friends. After that he promised to wipe all demons from existence, then he heard about Ilidian and his pact with Kael'thas so he decided to train with him and became a DH. The thing is, I don't know if such a transition is possible. Do you guys know?
  2. Hi. I've always wondered why Scholomance has a padlock on his side when you are leveling. Can I do it? I like to solo low level dungeons while leveling and I realized I've never done Scholomance, I can enter to the instance, but I don't know if the dungeon is working correctly.
  3. I'm starting a worgen for second time (first one was a fail due to all the bugs in the starting zone) but, now I have question, I teleported to SW, but will I get the Two Forms spell, when?
  4. Hi, just curious. Are there any roleplayers in this server? Have you seen one?
  5. Hi, does anyone know why the low level content in legion are so... weird? I mean, you can solo a dungeon with any character wearing the worst clothes you can get, and find new gear is a pain in the ass since almost no NPC drops anything but money. I know most people just wanna be 110 already and do PvP but for those few people who happens to enjoy old content and level a character is kinda sad and boring
  6. I'm having trouble trying to play. I can log-in, but whenever I select my realm, it shows this message. Anyone knows what's that about?:
  7. linux

    I just want to say thanks. I missed this game.
  8. Hi, I downloaded the full client for Legion via torrent, and it seems fine, I click on wow.exe but it's stuck at connecting. I tried with a mistaken password to see if anything changed but still, It get's stuck at connecting. Any solution?
  9. It's a little bit laggy, but I'm ready to play!