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  1. Yes, this is an old bug. When you complete the Val'Sharah zone, you get two quests. One sends you to save Malfurion in the dungeon, and the other one sends you to get Tears of Elune to Dalaran. If you complete the second quest before the first one, (If you take Tears of Elune to Dalaran before saving Malfurion), your phase in Temple of Elune will change and you won't be able to hand in the first quest. So for those that didn't complete Val'Sharah yet, just complete the dungeon first, turn in quest, and than you can safely take Tears of Elune to Dalaran. I think I also reported this some time ago but all the bugreports were deleted with 7.3.5. For those of you that already have this bug, try asking GM for assistance, they should be able to help you.
  2. On 7.3.5 PTR this issue is fixed.
  3. Agreed. Please make us a full client torrent so we can all test stuff!
  4. When you start the exe it needs time to download the files (around 900MB) but for some reason, for some people it just doesn't download. I don't know what's the reason, it did work just fine at the start, but now it doesn't connect to anything. I can't log into my characters...
  5. Everything you guys need to do right now is extract the files from the archive in your WoW 7.1.5 folder, start wow and check that your game version is 7.3.5. After that you need to wait for Firestorm staff to open the realm so we can all go pla... I mean test stuff!
  6. Yes, I have done some testing and it seems to be random. I made 5 female goblin mages on pvp realm, and only 1 of them had the normal elemental. I can't find any info about this happening on retail, and all screenshots from retail display the watery type of elemental. I have tried also changing specializations back and forth in hope that it resets the model but no luck. I hope it gets fixed with 7.3.5, but if not I'll make a full report on the bugtracker. I remember the exact same problem happening on WoD realm long time ago, it's odd it didn't get fixed yet.
  7. Hi, I have the exact same problem. For some reason I am stuck with the wrong water elemental model. I asked on world chat, and talked to some people, but everyone told me to just replace the thing with the talent, but I don't want to do that. I recall this bug also existed on WoD realm. Some characters get the proper water elemental, and others just get the wrong one. It seems to be at random. And it's very disappointing to play your character until level 10 just to get the wrong pet model, and have to recreate the character and start all over again! I'll wait for the 7.3.5 and than report if the problem still persists. If anyone knows of a way to fix this issue please share it with us!
  8. Maybe I'm wrong about drop rates, but prospecting seems wrong. Most importantly, normal felslate deposits drop nothing... only rich ones work.
  9. When can we expect fix for Legion professions? Nodes and drop rates are all wrong and bugged...
  10. Title: Boris and Character Boosts Type: In-game Description:  Greetings. I might not be the one to talk about this, but here it is. I'm kinda getting tired of all those character boost promotions going around. While it was cool to get and instant 100 character boost at the start of Sylvanas realm (start of any expansion/realm really), I think getting instant characters (especially max level) for every update, arena season, and holiday is kinda breaking the game. On my main account I already have 3 characters boosted in their time, and also, there is the option to copy character from other expansions, which I used twice, so that's five instantly high level characters without leveling. To be precise, I'm not against transfer/copy options, however I think there are better ways to promote a big update, or new arena season, than giving people free characters. With that said, I'd proceed to my suggestions. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion and there might be other ways, so please share your own opinions and ideas. 1. of all, Boris, as a character, is a good thing and should stay around. Everybody knows Boris, and everyone is happy when "he is coming". That itself makes for a nice event. 2. Since Blizzard already gives instant boosted characters to their players with every expansion (after MoP), it should be fine that upon opening of a new realm, players get a boosted character (90 for WoD, 100 for Legion etc.). This is a good promotions for a new realm, and a chance for players to instantly get into the expansion content. 3. Apart from these boosts mentioned in 2., there should be no other free instant character boosts for all players. If there is a possibility to let new players boost 1 character free, it would be good, but I don't think it will be easy to evade exploits. (That one try with Mac address was a good one though...) 4. Now, there are several other ways to promote new realms, big updates, arena seasons, new dungeons and raids, ets. It is just a matter of approach. You just need to "inspire" players to enjoy your new content. For example, if you are promoting a new PvP season, wouldn't it be way cooler to give players a PvP item, honor boost, PvP mount or something like that? Wouldn't it be better to give players an XP potion, to inspire them to level up, rather than giving them free character for nothing? It's just that simple - give people reason to play! 5. I give you a list on what kind of rewards I have in mind, but feel free to expand on it accordingly (and logically): -Elixirs and Potions (that give XP or just buffs) -Bags (1 large bag for new characters) -Mounts (Rare PvP mounts for arena seasons, legacy mounts for pve and leveling, fun and promotion mounts) -Gear (PvP gear, not whole sets just few items, heirlooms etc.) -PvP items (For pvp season promotion, banners, potions, elixirs, and other items useful for pvp) -Fun items (Exclusive toys and other useful/useless items) -Profession boosts (375 for LK, 600 for WoD, 700 for Legion... you get the idea, max of last expansion) -Pets (exclusive and/or rare pets) -Enchants (for lower level players, or higher level player) -Transmogs (full transmog sets, or just weapons) -Reputations (smaller or bigger reputation gifts or boost) -Honor (smaller or bigger honor/conquest point gift, or boost) -Currency (smaller or bigger currency gift, or boost) -Silver F points (smaller or bigger amount of vote/loyalty points, of a limited boost) -... 6. Boris can and should still remain as an NPC to share these gifts with people, but you can also use him in different wayss. Let him be a hidden npc, or a secret mob in the battleground, or appear only at some times during the year. Just note that this should depend on the promotion target, you shouldn't hide Boris in Silithus if the promotion is intended for new players (level 1-10). Instead, hide him somewhere in the starting zones, so that players go out to explore to find him. Just clever little things to make the game fun and enjoying. 7. Also, why not do promotions only on low population realms. For example, Gul'Dan realm has suffered a large population drop. Wouldn't it be nice to do a promotion only on Gul'Dan to get more people to play there? Think about it... I hope you like my suggestions, please share your opinions on this... Thank you.
  11. It is DONE. You can add it to the Accepted now or something...
  12. Title: English Vanilla Client Type: Website Description:  Please, make English version of the Vanilla client default for download on the website. Currently, the torrent download only French version of the client and this can be bad for attracting new vanilla players. You can get the Firestorm's English vanilla client from this link.
  13. As for me, I think there is lot of stuff missing from the Tanaan, more than anything else. Lots of mobs and npcs are missing, especially ones that we need for reputation and mounts. For some strange reason, I never actually found any one of those rares that have a chance for mount, and also mobs that drop s are missing. Even though we can get reputation from that weekly quest, we can't buy anything from it since it requires Blackfang Claws. I'd suggest first fixing those issues.
  14. For me the only problem is that world chat is separated. I'm maybe leave classic world chat for all languages so that people can communicate no matter the language they use.
  15. Maybe if you finish Tanaan Jungle Introductory questline you will get to create a garrison trough quests, not sure about that. I'll see if I can do more testing and make a report on bugtracker.