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  1. Me the same
  2. Title: Migraction Czarny Type: Website Description:  Migraction to wow.freakz garosh in firestorm garosh
  3. ty grasz na warlords of dreanor?
  4. pisz do mnie na pw tu
  5. Tak jest ale zapraszam ja na garosh tez jest polska gildia i mamy discorda i ts
  6. I have a problem with choosing a language, I download the minimum and will pop up if I choose to install it. I choose and nothing turns on and as she tries to turn on it is the same
  7. Minimal are good xdd
  8. I have a question and an idea whether you organize pvp events? This is a good idea, because a lot of players will face each other. They found the place of this event. Look at the Nexos event pvp and you will know.
  9. Hey, what the fuck is 50 zloty coins and now 0 heck what it should be
  10. I have a problem as I download the minimal wow legion by torstorm not firestorm. It shows me the choice of language, so I click it but it still is and I do not have to turn it on.
  11. Hello.I will give an account with 3x110 lvl one character has 851 item lvl for account with death knight 90 lvl for garosh with at least item lvl 522
  12. Listing a form and exactly an account for an accountGives worgena 90lvl 496 item lvl hunter for neutral rase ale klase death knight 90lvl 496 item lvl