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  1. Me the same
  2. ok
  3. l dont no
  4. What is it all about with the bfa that works or not and how to play?
  5. And?
  6. When I will be able to migrate my character from wow.freakz to tu garossh because I have already passed a bit and I would like to.
  7. I logged in and chose the server, because only one was the battle for azzeroth closed beta and I still do not want to hit what is going on?I write: You have been disconected from the server. (WOW51900319)
  8. Okey thank
  9. What key?
  10. What's the point of helping someone with this gown because I'm pissed off already.
  11. Why is not there because I like online like others and what's up with this beta
  12. Wow BFA is open? How install how open?
  13. Title: Migraction Czarny Type: Website Description:  Migraction to wow.freakz garosh in firestorm garosh
  14. 8.01 good