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  1. hahaha does dat mean MAC sucks? iam planning to buy 1 as my current windows config gave me 10-15 fps drop after legion update compared to WOD which made it unplayable
  2. yeh direct download is better I guess....but I prefer torrent coz I cud stop and start which it was risky with chrome direct dl
  3. hi, ys there is the solution...:) you guyz using 7.1 client form retail. U need to have 7.0 client either from torrent provided by firestorm or ny other source which I think is not available... the torrent is slow I get average speed of 600-800 kbps on my 10Mbps isp connection.....and tool about 20+ hrs .to avoid others having the same pain I my self is seeding it from few days.hope it helps but its the only way to get rid of it..
  4. iam in queue tooo
  5. launcher will replace wow.exe...whats the issue with ur launcher?
  6. its was only to show the consequences, for the question can I use the 7.1 client.
  7. I don't agree, I like zone quest it gives you idea of your char and story lines are always owesome if not bugged
  8. trying few more times...if it drop for 1 it drops for all so don't worry for mob...just stay close and hit her hard. and khadgar is WOD story line abandon it. it use to give u equipment for 90 lvl in WOD
  9. farewell have fun
  10. well u need to move ahead and find quest...u will get it explore... lucky u got the client...may I ask from where u get it?....coz the torrent is just too slow for me
  11. OMG killer spec but cant run ny ways this error is coz of retail 7.1 client it seems u need 7.0.3 client... hope like ur spec u must be having highspeed internet..go on it and download the client...m shure u can get to play...have fun
  12. hi, I too have this problem and after searching for long I don't get solution but the cause is client 7.1 from retails so I started downloading torrent which is daam slow but no option..
  13. same here bro...hip hip hurray... even I was b4 firestorm -Ashran-pandashan
  14. dude till 31 oct it was working but 1 nov 7.1 launched on retails after installing it or updating I get glueXML error cant help
  15. try retail repair and scan....but beware don't update after scanning ..:) it worked for me all time