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  1. Raid Difficulity : Normal Boss : Xavius How to reproduce the issue: Fight boss to 2 phase and wait for adds. What happened: Inconceivable Horrors they should not walk even if they are stunned to the boss. What should happen on retail: Inconceivable Horrors should stay in place when are stunned.
  2. Hunter Beastmastery/Marksmanship
  3. Garrison lvl 3 Alliance give quest without any texts and what requirements for complete quest. could sell contracts for golds so you can get some followers. Im getting 2 day same npc, there should be every day other npc in garrison town hall
  4. +1 for cross-faction lfr/dungeon and Pve ranking but still we need some fixed quests for legendary ring (we can only get 640 ilvl ring ).
  5. That npc "Legendary Transmogrificator" in sw still can't tmog my weaps to example: Azzinoth from Illidan don't see it my list.
  6. What about raids normal/heroic when you are doing some raid with guild, so you could get some points.
  7. Some guilds doing raids here you can see
  8. Dungeons which works: Bloodmaul slag mines,UBRS,Skyreach,Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (But bosses dont have loot),Auchindoun (normal,heroic bugged),Iron docks (normal,heroic bugged),The Everbloom works fine only last boss disappear. Highmaul 7/7 normal/heroic, Brf 9/10 normal/heroic. Here you have dungeons, raids works.
  9. Yea maybe this could be very good for Pve'rs other chance for item
  10. Every week some 1 guy want do raid so you can see world chat and now is event people do some dungeon for reputation and it is all what they can do.Pve could be here more it is true.There are only 2-3 guilds doing pve.
  11. Well HM is 7/7 normal/HC fully scripted Brf 8/10 normal/Heroic,some dungeons are more bugged example: Iron dock.I think raid finder/rdf is bugged or something so ppl cant que for some raid/dungeons, maybe people think pve is so easy you can do every boss or they dont know what is it progress boss and get some nice gear.
  12. If you have hunter raid so can use pet to pull boss come back out so boss resseted and door opened . Sometimes bugged there is still train.
  13. 4th healer was resto shaman.