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  1. Contrary to the title i will not be teaching you how Stagger works, instead i will be telling you what happened to stagger in the last month or so. The changes happened in 2 waves. The first one is already on Live realm and the second one will come soon to live servers. The first one was a fix that ended up messing stuff up when it got applied to live and the second one is a fix to everything. 1st wave : -Stagger made ticks happen in 0.5s. This took alot of people by surprise and its to be understood but even for the patch we on, it should be 0.5 seconds so there is nothing wrong here. -Medium/heavy stagger got fixed then they broke once on live. -You can no longer die from stagger. You will remain at 1hp. -Stagger got messed up and would refresh its damage everytime a new damage was staggered thus making it only go up and never down. As you can probably see the first wave was a dissaster. BM monks are not even competitve. But this is why i am here, to help our devs fix issues like this. 2nd wave : - Medium/heavy stagger got fixed. Medium will pop at 30% of you max hp and heavy at 60% of your max hp. -Damage refresh got fixed. Stagger will go down if you dont take damage and new damage will get added to what is remaining of the previous stagger. -Stagger will no longer kill you in a duel by itself. -CLASS BAR,WEAK AURAS AND ADDONS FOR STAGGER GOT FIXED (rejoice) -Blackout combo with Iron skin brew got fixed. It only stopped stagger for 1.5 s instead of 3. -The cap for magic stagger got fixed. It was at 50% even though you could get more with the right talents ( 63%) Second wave will get applied really soon. If you have any other questions you wanna ask feel free to do so. The second wave was fixed by our new dev Pantoufle which deserves a lot of praise for the work he has done, even more so because he is new to the team.
  2. Thats the price now? lol
  3. At this level its ez and its 100%
  4. Debugg should now be off.
  5. Due to Emerald Nightmare being added and continued to work on, the server is in debug mode. This means everytime a crash happened the devs will know what exactly caused it. The debug mode shouldnt be up much longer. Please be patient.
  6. Please report them on the bugtracker, not here
  7. The golden ones are bought with real money. The silver ones are called loyalty points. You gain those daily by talking to the NPC Jeanne at your Capitals or Dalaran.
  8. First, from what did you understand that i was mad, i was trying to explain something calmly? Second,we just got a new Paladin Class Master that is doing his job. I told you, fixes will come, you just need to be patient
  9. Not true, there are cycles in bugfixes, and every class gets the same amount of bug fixes, so if you see other classes getting fixes, paladins are soon getting their fair share. Same for the other classes.
  10. they aren't right now
  11. pve

    Dont worry, i made lots of food, you will get fat and Kromog will be able to grab you <3
  12. pve

    Sketter you too slim, you slip through their finger. They had no problem grabbing me.
  13. Same here
  14. it also takes mana is the crane stance now, didnt before firestorm
  15. We did it forum!