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  1. Sunwell Plateau has 3 killable bosses. You can kill Kil'Jaedan if you are or bring a class with a pet (Hunter, Warlock, Frost Mage) Use /Tar Hand to target the ''Hand of the Deceiver'' mobs which are bugged in the ground. After killing them Kil'Jaedan will spawn and is killable. Hope this helps and keep up the good work !
  2. Hello, Is it in anyway possible to add the [Essence Swapper] into the game? The transmog possibilites are very restricted now for BM hunters since they always have a blue lightning wolf with them that doesn't match for example a red transmog set. Is it in anyway possible to add the item? We don't even need the quest as it requires scripting and it's not one of the priorities so we don't want the Devs to waste time for that. But just add the item with a instant-complete quest or even have a vendor sell it for Order Hall Resources or Gold. Thank you for you time. Sincerely, Nearly every Bm hunter on Firestorm