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  1. I dont know. I did all from FAQ part and still nothing
  2. if u need - i can send my login and pass to your pm. You will be able see how it works for me/
  3. I dunno. NPc still ignore me imn both quests, rvrn when i abandon and take it again/
  4. i wrote 3 tickets. With Zero results or answers
  5. Anyone see me ? im almo cant use portals im the middle of dalaran? (undegroun portals)/. How many days i need to wait ?
  6. i still cant end quest 'armies of legionfall' and 'hand of fate' khadgar in 1st quest ignore me //// lady lyadrin ignore me at 2nd. Cast and WTF cleaned, addons are of,relogmaked. Please help me somebady i have this issue almost 3 days and my tickets age ignored all this time - I CANT GET TO ARGUS OR SHATTERES ISLANDS