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  1. Hey guys, it's me Jokey! Don't know if any of you still remember me, but I just wanted to come by and see how things are going! So far I've noticed a lot of improvements with the forums, the shop, in-game content and much more It's really great knowing that the developers are working hard I'm currently busy with school work and might not be able to log in much but I'll spend some time in-game to check things out deeper and meet up with some of my old friends. Great seeing you guys again!
  2. Looks like shit.
  3. How long did you wait for the load screen? And did it happen for all of your characters? You need to try multiple times to login and be patient.
  4. Moved to Denied.
  5. Nope, you're getting banned for making my day and calling me a cunt on a forum report. Gotta love people like you, <3.
  6. 200000 active players does not mean 50k people online at the same time per realm, it means that there's that much people who log on atleast once per month on every realm. Plus, it doesn't have to be 50k/realm, it can be 75k on a WoD realm and 25k on another, lol. It's not our problem if you try 'n understand things differently than they're supposed to be.
  7. You CAN check Profile Visitors, you just have to enable it inside of your profile.
  8. Well, they didn't allow transmogging Legendary weapons, I doubt they'll allow this :v
  9. I believe there may be on the PTR, not sure though.
  10. If you were up-to-date with the Q&A Firestorm topics on the forums, it was already said that only some, but not all accounts will be unbanned (depends on the reason of the ban).
  11. 1. Pick the realm depending on what language you speak. 2. I believe the level 1-10 quests are kind of buggy on the map. 3. Votes are currently under maintenance, some work but others don't.
  12. Moved to Suggestions.
  13. It was supposed to be fixed with the new Launcher update which was applied today... If you already have a Millenium account, just login with Wow.exe.