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  1. Not Retri and Prot ones; but holy one does drop and i can confirm it, i farmed it 16 hours and didn't drop it, but a guild mate dropped it after 3 mobs killed while doing a world quest (i was with him).
  2. @Tigd by quest,i mean the quest in the command table, where you send your followers to battle. 'Troops in the Field' also @hatchet thank you for the video, it makes my life easier, as i said i will try to see if i can find what is the problem and then inform a Dev about; sorry for the inconvenience, i hope this will be fixed soon. Also i will proceed to restore your ticket in the bugtracker section.
  3. Have you tried relogging after you took the quest and check if it's there. If not you can try some temporary fixed, which are: - Delete your cache folder, if you don't know where to find you can go the Firestorm Launcher, Legion, setting, open WoW folder and there you should find the folder called cache, which you can delete. - Try doing an unstuck; it seems weird but it solves issues a lot of issues many times. If you don't know how to, you can do it by going to your account, character unstucking, select Sylvanas and then select your character, in this case your paladin. - You may try contacting an GM in-game, i've already seen that you opened a report on the forum and a GM answered you. It's really weird that you don't have the quest, you're the first person i heard with this problem. I hope this helps you up, i'll try to look into the problem on our test server and try to replicate the bug, so it can be fixed.
  4. go to the command table which is in front of you in the second screenshot and send your followers to a mission called 'Troops in the field' , after that, you will then receive the item needed to upgrade your class hall and when you return to the npc you will be able to complete the quest and upgrade your class hall.
  5. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=43533/balance-of-power Absorb the combined power of the Nightshards and the ''Eye of Gul'dan'' using the Heart of Zin-Azshari at the Lunar Crucible. Travel to the Lunar Crucible - Power absorbed This is the chain from Wowhead, somebody was so kind to post it in the comment. I can tell you right now, don't expect it now, since you need full Nigh Hold released to finish it. IntroductionThis quest is part of a comment-size guide for "Balance of Power." questline (the last quest...finally). Quests are pretty much self-explanatory and all it takes is some time and good will to complete them. Completing this questline rewards Artifact Appearance (Appearance 3, Tint 1). Part 1Image of Kalec appears in your Order Hall and gives you the following quest:The Power Within (Meet Archmage Kalec at Azurewing Repose in Azsuna.)Reasons behind appearance of Archmage Kalec in your Class Order Hall are not yet completely understood but most people noticed him few days after they completed their Class Campaign. Part 2From there you take a next quest from Senegos:The Heart of Zin-Azshari (Retrieve the Heart of Zin-Azshari and defeat the Wrath of Azshara in the Eye of Azshara on Mythic difficulty.) Part 3After completing the previous quests you receive a few new quests (exactly 3: two from Senegos and one from Archmage Kalec).Senegos:[1] A Vainglorious Past (Obtain a Vainglorious Draught from Veridis Fallon.)- You can purchase Vainglorious Draught from Veridis Fallon in Crumbled Palace [46.9 , 41.4] in Azsuna for 150g (Requirement: Court of Farondis - Honored).[2] Fallen Power (Recover a Corrupted Essence from Oakheart and defeat the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket on Mythic difficulty.)Archmage Kalec:[3] Tempering Darkness (Obtain 30 Blood of Sargeras.)Should not be a problem since by the time you get that quest and if you did not spend any Blood of Sargeras you should have some stacked up simply by completing Dungeons and World Quests. Part 4Archmage Kalec:Lucid Strength (Absorb the power from the Corrupted Essence using the Heart of Zin-Azshari.)Right next to you. Part 5Senegos:The Wisdom of Patience (Await the opening of The Emerald Nightmare, then report back to Senegos in Azsuna.) Part 6Archmage Kalec:[1] In Nightmares (Obtain a Deathglare Iris and the Horn of the Nightmare Lord from The Emerald Nightmare.) NOTE: NOT doable with LFR. It has to be Normal difficulty or higher. In order to complete this quest you need to kill 2 bosses: Il'gynoth and Xavius and loot mentioned quest items.Senegos:[2] Essence of Power (Collect 30 Corrupted Essence from The Emerald Nightmare.) This quest gave me a weird WoD and Khadgar flashback. NOT doable with LFR. Only Normal or higher difficulty. Essences do not have a 100% drop rate and bosses can drop 1-2 3 Corrupted Essences at the time. Part 7Senegos:Essential Consumption (Absorb the combined power of the Corrupted Essences using the Heart of Zin-Azshari.)Right next to you. Part 8Archmage Kalec:Repaid Debt (Meet Archmage Kalec in the Shal'Aran in Suramar.) Part 9Thalrenus Rivertree:Lost Knowledge (Obtain the Scroll of Elun'dris from First Arcanist Thalyssra.)- Costs 120g. Requirement: The Nightfallen - Revered). Part 10Thalrenus Rivertree:[1] Borrowing Without Asking (Recover a Containment Crystal from the Vault of the Wardens on Mythic difficulty.)Syrana Starweaver:[2] Rite of the Captain (Take Advisor Vandros' Eon Winder from The Arcway on Mythic difficulty.)Lothrius Mooncaller:[3] Literary Perfection (Find Lothrius' first edition copy of "Wards, Sigils, and the Nightborne Way" in the Court of Stars on Mythic difficulty.) Part 11Syrana Starweaver:Twisted Power (Use a Greater Portal Stone to summon Vizuul the Twisted at the Altar of End Times in Faronaar and collect his runebindings.) Part 12Syrana Starweaver:A True Test (Absorb the power from the Twisted Runebindings using the Heart of Zin-Azshari.)Right next to you. Part 13Archmage Kalec:Seeking the Valkyra (Seek out Ashildir at the Vault of Eyir in Stormheim.) Part 14Ashildir:The Mark (Prove your worth to the Valarjar, then receive the Mark of the Valkyra from Eyir.) Part 15Ashildir:Retrieving the Svalnguard (Retrieve the Svalnguard and defeat Helya in the Maw of Souls on Mythic difficulty.) Part 16Ashildir:[1] A Feast Fit for Odyn (Acquire flank meat from Thunderhoof in Stormheim, Spinesever's spine in Highmountain, and a steak from Leytusk in Azsuna.)[2] Presentation is Key (Retrieve 4 Adamantium Casing Scraps and defeat Dargrul the Underking in Neltharion's Lair on Mythic difficulty.) Part 17Ashildir:Odyn's Blessing (Obtain Odyn's blessing in the Halls of Valor on Heroic or Mythic difficulty.)- Use Grand Feast of Valhallas when you enter the dungeon - at the start. You can enter the dungeon alone, put the feast down, get out and then get a group to defeat Odyn and get his blessing. After you defeat him wait for him to finish his speech (RP) and then you can collect his blessing on the loot chest. Part 18Archmage Kalec:Planning the Assault (Await the opening of the Nighthold, then meet Archmage Kalec in Shal'Aran.) Part 19Archmage Kalec:[1] Into the Nighthold (Collect 20 Nightshards from the Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher.)- Try and complete this quest without killing Gul'dan because if you kill him before acquiring The Nighthold: Darkness Calls quest in Part 20 he won't drop quest item for you this week and you'll need to wait for a next reset to complete The Nighthold: Darkness Calls quest in Part 20.Thalrenus Rivertree:[2] The Nighthold: Delusions of Grandeur (Collect the core of Trilliax and Grand Magistrix Elisande's Millennia Tome in the Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher.) Part 20Archmage Kalec:The Nighthold: Darkness Calls (Bring one Gul'dan's eyes to Archmage Kalec on Normal difficulty or higher.) Part 21Archmage Kalec:Balance of Power (Absorb the combined power of the Nightshards and the Eye of Gul'dan using the Heart of Zin-Azshari at the Lunar Crucible.)
  6. Hello there Orgest01. What you are experiencing is a phasing issue caused by Suramar starting quest chain, the way you can resolve the bug is really easy and works most of the times. You can solve it by Removing the quest called 'Trial of Echoes' (Suramar starting quest chain) or complete the chain (which is not very long, it's only 6 quests, there are another 4 after that one) and your problems should be gone. In the cast there's still a problem you can try the following - Clear your cache folder, which you can do by going into the Firestorm Launcher, then Legion, Select game settings. Then chose the option open WoW folder, and in there you will find the folder called cache, which you can deleted, and may sometimes solve weird issues with the game. -Doing an unstuck, which can be performed on the website by going into My account at the top, then Character Unstuck - Sylvanas - and there you can choose the character which you would like to unstuck, in this case your paladin - Lastly, you may also open a ticket in-game to contact a GM and try to ask for his help, this may take a while since many people contact GMs constantly. Please have a nice day, and i hope this resolves your issues.
  7. simple, it's not scripted atm so you can't, like all other class hall campains, you probably completed the only 2-3 scripted quests without realizing it.
  8. Judgment should not give Holy Power, the fact that it did in the past it's a bug, http://wow.gamepedia.com/Holy_Power , this is an example that also states this, the spells that should give you Holy Power are Crusader Strike/Zeal or Blade of Justice. Also Divine Purpose was completely bugged before 7.1.5, it procced even from healing done or received. Divine Purpose should only proc (20%) when you are using a Holy Power spending ability, like Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm, and it's not a 20% for every target hit. p.s: If you get accustomed to playing with bugs, then when they are fixed you won't know what to do. ^^
  9. In order to answer you questions, yes, Retribution Paladins do have some stuff which is broken, and a Nerf Hammer is coming, i can't say for what tho. Although one thing that you have to keep notice of, is that if they burst, they do a lot of damage, but that is for every class. Also most of their traits and talents for damage are fixed, so that helps their damage. Don't worry, if i see something weird, like some spells for retris(Execution), i'll check them and get them fixed if they are wrong. And don't be afraid to contact me on Discord, if i'm online i can answer all you questions. :3. p.s: that paladin for having 2.4M health actually had a pretty good gear i'd say 845 at least, which can significaly boost his damage especially in PvP.