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  1. Sup guys It's not a while I see this things on server It's just annoying so much and it's really hard to deal with it for me ! It's normal you make raid group with Geared people but there is some kind of people with really nice gear like +945 can't do minimum dps on raid ! Imean wtf why firestorm sell good gear in shop and keep growing nonskill players on server . But yeaa it's how they make money but they can put a little lower gear on shop like 910 I really don't know what to say Any one else is mad by this problems! IDK to trust Geared player or lower one BTW just want to talk about it gj bb At end it's mezz / P A R A D I G M / Sylvanass
  2. گروه برای همه ی بچه های وو باز هست--_از حرف های غیر وو خودداری کنید_فوروارد از کانال های دیگه ممنوع_تبلیغ رایگان است_برای پین زدن با ادمین هماهنگ کنید_سوال و پرسش فقط درباره وو_عکس/فیلم های مستهجن/فهش ممنوع_درباره هرچی سوال داشتین بپرسید حتی رفع مشکل همین سرور و یا هر چیز دیگ
  3. HI GM OR ADMIN if u read this please open new inc or mythic doungeons in legion! why? cuse there are 2 other servers on legion and have mythic doungeon but with sucks source and they get many player from our server! when u want do something! they even dont know how to fix class but they have mythic doungeons open keystone or something please game going bore for players. thanks
  4. serve coming online for 10 sec and going down again!!!!!!!! whats happening!