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  1. so with all this hype about ex nos players moving to a tbc server.. whats your stance on making one? many of the nos players are moving from vanilla to tbc, myself included in them. so where do you guys stand on making a tbc server?
  2. this is not even remotely true at all.. stop spreading lies.. every player on firestorm knows you weedout and delete any and all posts you do not agree with whether it is harsh or not.. if it goes against your opinions its erased and the forum user is pointed/banned.
  3. the reason is because the achv needs a lot of quests to be completed and the quests do not work.
  4. is it true we are getting cross server with WoDEmpire (Russians), WowCirlce, and Firestorm? bc if it is we going to lose to the WoDEmpire server hardcore. Them russians aint no joke. they have less bugs and better class fixes.. so how is that going to work out? with less buggy classes and more working skills they wil rape us.. or is that what you wanted? is this server just a "for profit" server unlike the others described? we all knwo you dont give a shit about the player base.. just look at all the topics closed or the people banned for speaking the truth.. as an American citizen i will tell you exactly how i feel.. if you have a problem with it.. thats your problem.. freedom of speech!!!!
  5. it was the derogatory comments you made. even tho you were having "fun" its not appropriate for global chat. things such as RP'ing as south park characters is great but the remarks they say on the show is better left unsaid. you could always invite them to a group and/or use /w function.
  6. wtf have we been invaded? just look at the world chat at any given time and you will see it being spammed by 7 different languages besides english. can we get some moderation on grommash?
  7. there is also an in game script to use when this happens.. surprised the GM didnt tell you to try this first.. the script is .. /script RepopMe() .. you need to type it just as it is shown. lots of in game api/lua commands are available to players. its how we make addons.
  8. either skilled, bug abusing or really lucky.. 123wins out of 124 games.. wtf.
  9. lets not forget the infinite warlock/priest fear combo.. they dont share dr at all.. lock fears.. priest fears.. lock fears.. priest fears.. my last arena was with this combo.. needless to say i didnt win..
  10. and they say it was just me lol as soon as sombra crashed the entire bg was overwhelmed with joy.
  11. you obviously have no idea who i am if you think i run 580 trinks and am bad at this game.. nice try tho. my argument wasnt "its bugged and they will abuse to rank" my point was that there will be abusers and there is very little to do about it.. hence i stated about the vanilla servers still having bugs.. i see that you are only wanting to draw this into an argument and thats ok because i know i have a better standard of myself to not allow this. there is a bug tracker.. report all the things you find and if and when the devs feel it is a valid point they will decide. more likely than not it will be over looked and passed.. we are still waiting on fixes from the beta stage when we.. yes we.. i was included in testing.. reported them. anyways wait til the other WoD servers from different sites are crossed in April to this server, it will be even more bugs.
  12. the reason why it is here is for people to have "big heads" aka larger egos. on a side note pvp ratings actually increase the cap per week so there is that. hey if you want to go out there and prove to the few thousand players who are left on this server you are OPKingKappa go for it.. no one is stopping you. the fact still remains on pservers bugs will exist and they WILL be abused. therefore all aforementioned rankings will be inconclusive and invalid for actual scores. there are many vanilla servers who still have bugs.. and these servers are 10 years old. once more.. if you want to make a name for yourself go play retail.
  13. rankings dont mean anything on private servers. anyone who has ever played a private server knows bugs exist and people will abuse them. if you want to make a name for yourself go to retail where things are more stable and legitimized.
  14. best bet would be to wait until it actually comes out from Blizzard first.. look at the WoD servers.. none of them work right.. pve/pvp all still has issues.. and how long has WoD been out? so you expect for a "decent" legion server to be up at the same time Blizzard releases theirs? think about it.. Blizz has MILLIONS of dollars to throw at devs.. pservers have what... a free hamburger? imo i say about.. 3 or 4 yrs minimum for a decent legion server.
  15. not to mention all the spam calling us gringou, chuparme la -well you know the rest.. its too much trouble for the few minutes we "might" save by having them.. so what if we have a 10min bg wait time.. when you arent winning any bgs then the 30min wait time does start to look good again.