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  1. I was doing a bg on Sylvanas. In previous battleground i got PvP shoulders (sorry, i don't remember the exact name). When i logged on and joined another battleground, PvP shoulders disappeared. Still no one in sack or in bank. (Obviously i didn't touch anything). Can anybody help me please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Mac user here. i have this problem when i try to open the game. Can anyone help me to resolve it? thanks in advance Here is the problem: Senza titolo.tiff
  3. Yo guys, i have a question for you. Could i start to play at Legion with this iMac 21.5'' mid 2010? - Processor Intel 3,06 GHz Intel Core i3 - RAM 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 - Graphic ATI Radeon HD 4670 I also have Mac Os Sierra installed on.
  4. I tried like 250 - 300 veins of Blackrock and True Iron rocks, and i finally found that. Yes, you have to be VERY lucky. Good research!
  5. Hi Velanor, thank you for the answer. Yes, i open my topic on Bug Tracker yesterday, and its number is 556. My phrase was because so many players online are complaining about this problem but nobody open tickets on Bug Tracker or forum. Also, thank you for following my issue. Here is the link: https://firestorm-servers.com/report/see_report/556
  6. Hey guys, as all of you maybe know, now a huge problem afflicts all of us PvP players. Atm, battlegrounds, Ashran bosses and arenas don't give any Strongbox. I opened a ticket on bug tracker, but seems that, as in world channel or here in the forum, nobody cares about this problem. can someone tell me if this problem has been fixed?
  7. Hello guys i'm asking you a dirty question: i want to create a pre-made character in WoD for doing PvP. After seeing some YT videos and playing on this server i'm arrived to conclude that Enhancement Shaman and Frost dk would we nice for me. Can someone tell me if both of them are good in pvp? Or one is better than the other? Can also someone tell me Pros and Cons of this classes? Thanks in advance : )
  8. Can anyone help me please?
  9. Hi all ! I have a question for all WoD users: do you have the same problem of mine in Garrison? i also have deleted cache, etc. but nothing happen. Can someone help me?
  10. Hi guys, this question is "referred" mostly at Game Masters or Admins. Expansion: Mists of Pandaria Realm: Taran-zhu I want to buy a pre made character in the Shop, but i've noticed a problem: PVP items that i can bring with the pre made char are Tyrannical and not Grievious. Since we moved to S15, don't you think that spending 30-40 € for a S14 char is useless? There will be an upload of items from Tyrannical to Grievious? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah, i'm agree with you, 50 € for a tyrannical (example) char is too much. I was a donator 2-3 months ago, but with this new impossibile prices i don't wanna waste my money anymore. Imo; - for a pre made character 400 donation points are enough; - for professions 150/170 points is the correct price. They don't think also that 70 % of players are 15-17 years old average, so they don't have a salary which permise them to spend (A LOT of) money here. If they reduce prices, making them more accessible, they could attract more players and make more money. Sorry 4 my bad english.
  12. Already done but the problem still exist.
  13. Hello guys, i have a very annoying problem. Every time i enter in a battleground, i lag (350-600 ms) In every bg, every time, while when i play normally outside bg's my ms is 79-80. I have this problem with Windows and Mac OS too. Did someone have my same problem? what can i do?
  14. Sry for my bad english.