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  1. I've also tried other suggestions I've found on other threads, WTF changes, deleting WTF and Cache folders, patches from other threads, and several re-downloads. Nothing is working. Hope someone knows how to actually get in game haha.
  2. So I just downloaded Legion and can't seem to log in. I'm coming from Garrosh, never had any problems logging in, and all my log in info is correct. I'm getting the BLZ51901001 error every single time, after following all the fixes I could find on the forum. Am I missing something? Is the log in process somehow different on this server than it was on past servers, which worked pretty much perfectly? Like I said, my log in info is correct. And there is definitely nothing wrong with any of my network settings or OS problems (I'm on mac, if that means anything)... since all that was suggested as a fix for this on the support forum. Hope I can find out how to actually get in game from someone here... thanks!