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  1. @Alan Im up for a fix of player size in A.V, if they can fix it, there is no need to remove a Bg, today i got 20 mins queues, and im not making solo runs im always queuing with 4 more people. Just opened this post here to discuss the problem. If someone of staff can take a moment to make a solution for this, firestorm community will apreciate
  2. I just want to some dev/gm see this topic, is something wrong going on
  3. @Snowbleach Thats it! all explained right there. thank you, i just want something to be done about it
  4. @Törpögies @Illidan3 The point here isn´t win or loose. The point is, im getting 10 more min to found a battleground in horde side. And im saying this here because i want something to be done!, clearly A.V is bugging the bg queue, and others bg dont, thats why they should disable LIKE THEY DID ON WOD SERVER( because they got the same problem). Cheers.
  5. @Zale here the problem isn´t i cant win AV fast. the problem is the 10min-15min queue time.
  6. Hello my lovely FireStorm Community, So was you can see in my print screen, i´m getting 10mins+ for Battleground queue. I'm horde and the reason to take so long is because i have Alterac Valley Banned from the list, for obvious reasons... Ally have the advantage from that bg, all of us know AV is taking all the alliance players from other Bg´s and that makes the queue very slow-> alot of time waiting-> low honor farm-> no fun-> quit doing bgs. I Know... I know.. is unfair for does people who wanna play A.V and like it. ok i understand but isn´t healthy at the moment for Sylvanas Realm. My suggestion is remove Alterac Valley like you did on Warlords of Draenor, just for know. Thank you for your time, Cookies.
  7. That is true, they should think about disable AV for better queue time.
  8. 21 mins waiting for Bg to pop, all because i have Alterac Valley disable.
  9. Hi there, since i play alot of Batlegrounds, in the last weeks i face a big problem, takes almost 12 mins to bg pop up, i banned Alterac Valley from my list because that bg is always popping, and that makes pvp on Firestorm a bit boring, so my suggestion is disable AV like you made in Wod server, because that bg takes alot of player do make other bgs. Thank you, Cookies