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  1. @Carioles Yep, indeed, maybe the second one goes to more ppl, idk I can delete this one or smth.
  2. Hello As first, sorry if it is wrong place to ask about it, im so new into this game and community, just 2 week of playing so everything is very fresh to me. I'm currently playing as Subtlety Rogue Blood Elf and yesterday I achieved lvl 78 yaaay, and one of my last spell unlocked - Mastery: Executioner. It states that spell passively increases my finishing moves for.. 0% Is it visual bug and it actually has currency? I was reading about it and it should be something about 20%. So my question is does this spell works and really increases my finishers and just "0%" is bugged or does it really not working at all? Thank you in advance and please don't be so angry if it is not the correct place to post this type of questions. Cheers, have a great end of weekend or next week.