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  1. Well even whit 2350 I didn't get gladiator so idk about the devs calculations....
  2. 3s was more than alive in before it was known that it will be changed to preseason. So stop wining about it and just wait few more days till the real season start.
  3. Once you learn to ak 25 you have it on all specialisations.just farm artifact power now for traits on the other spec.
  4. You have to buy those 100points so you can sell character, not to obtain them via promotional codes.
  5. Drink redbull for more energy
  6. Impressive....boomkin in battleground .....how you managed that dmg ........
  7. Go rogue 😉
  8. Thats not hack....the one mentioned might be the one you use tho....however its a reproted bug in the bugtracker wich he abuse as boomking only......
  9. Well I've been clinically tested,the doctor said I'm OK....
  10. Just some ppl dont accept loses since they are at 2.7k rating and they think they are the best by playing mw/dh.......o well
  11. So apparently the vidoe whit proof is removed and i have to upload new but it doesnt allow me to edit my report....so im just gonna post it in here.I hope you guys dont mind This report whit this proof
  12. I ko?
  13. Should all healeres get theire ratings reseted for abusing the instant mana drinking bug lately aswell :?
  14. Buff bm auto atack
  15. Buff bm auto atack