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  1. Bump. Please implent this.Currently only some CM items are available in the Tmog part, and several Mythic HFC loot (not even in transmog section, but as if it was gear), missing so many good looking color variants because only mythic being available. Preferably in similar methods as they were in WoD, aka PreLegion raid loot for either FS credit or multiplied amount of LPs.
  2. Transfer is a misleading term, it should be copy Bugs are better and easier to stand than the toxic community retail has. Besides, I'm sure our developers will do a great job to make the expansion enjoyable for us (even though Legion is the worst xpac yet. I better get ready to be stoned for unpopular opinions)
  3. It's not just the game, it's internet. A people will constantly look for people to offend and B people will constantly look for reasons to get offended for.
  4. It's not bannable offense to use the spell. Stop worrying, there will always be some whiny players who will report for you for silly and invalid reasons.
  5. Try it with a different browser. For me Firefox fails, Chrome does it.
  6. My opinion on this that there are many ways of gold making not available here. Good example shipyard which isn't working here. Followers with gold trait recruited from Garrison Inn? Recruiting followers doesn't work. Also on retail bosses drop more gold than 10 gold (which is a result of a bug-pruning that happened, instead fixing the bug). WoD quests? Again no. Not everyone is a big fan of making gold with professions. Because let's be real: it's terribly really boring, monotonous, and furthermore not a certain source of gold income. Nothing guarantees people will buy your crafted or collected items on AH. People who spend all day on such are the only ones celebrating. Players do not want to be forced into leveling a profession in order ex: learn flying on an alt. Of course, neither do players on retail, but there, they have more alternatives. People can still donate for gold. Nobody is bothered about that? Taking VP>gold as option isn't in favor of casual players. No wonder it's a cause of mass hysteria. They had an option, you took it. I think it would have been better if there are both. Both votes and donates help on the server that's indisputable, can't and don't want to argue about it. The server well deserves all the support! PS: I speak here as someone who never used VP on purchasing gold. I'm always trying to see other players' sakes and interests.
  7. When you get the worst cards on HS
  8. Needs to be replaced to media section but.. Ken rocked this song for blizzcon. (Tol Barad isn't actual anymore, but still awesome)
  9. A friend of mine just got error message "out of range" when tried to use Boris, and because of that he could never claim his reward. Feelsbadman
  10. I don't suggest putting anything big on C drive as your OS is on it.
  11. This. All the way. What isn't fair is that teams don't have equal chance to win. Equal distribution would be difficult to script, but it does sound less offensive than entirely removing Sombraluna from the CR list. Sadly, I have to agree with OP. Personally, I have no problem with spanish speakers as in people, but playing with them isn't possible because of the language barrier. Main Noire players can speak English, unlike them. I'd like to note I'm not generalizing. I've met sombralunans who played decently, were friendly, and could speak English (if you are one of these, take this imaginary cookie). Maybe op sounded slightly offensive towards the sombraluna playerbase, but he does have a point. And this shouldn't be locked, what do players desire should be heard, and not ignored like on forums. I more or less disagree with entirely removing Sombraluna from CR, because there are some friendly, decent players with needed English knowledge, and I like them. But when it comes to ones who yell BANDERA and GRANJAS, and you don't have the slightest clue that these words mean flag and farms, I sadly have to question myself. We did win more BGs on Horde side when it wasn't CR. I don't mind if you throw rocks at me, but the capability to speak English atleast on conversational level is bound to common sense and basic intelligence. As of now, I don't know of a single country that doesn't have English language education. So should I be surprised that X player, may it be any nationality and can't speak English, does not follow the battleground objective? Guess not. tl;dr version: Equal distribution for fair battlegrounds!