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  1. im weak rn
  2. Did you click ok and try again?
  3. No more farming noobs
  4. i'm sorry but ur retarded the end...
  5. @Braindeadly don't forget the hackers also.
  6. OMG im crying so hard Rep on this ahahahahhaha
  7. at that lvl you can just start mining and herb and get easy lvls
  8. this is so dumb all i can say
  9. I like this idea alot even tho i still play wod i see people still abuse.
  10. how is jaja racist?
  11. atm the moment firestorm is face first into legion kappa, maby in next 3 years
  12. Ahahaha great one :')
  13. yes i also get same error
  14. So i did a faction change from tauren to night elf, upon the transfer my boots went missing i thought nothing of it as i could by another one. Next few days i do some arena's and my struggling alot i mean a TON. I had my friend duel me to see what my healing was in pvp i found out that my rejuvenation suppost to do 31k sec and it does 8k along with other spells. here are some of the screen shots that i have made hoping that someone can help me in anyway. in these picture's im going to put rejuvenation, regrowth, gensis,lifebloom all doing less healing.
  15. Sweet like the idea