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  1. If you alredy have 2 relics added to your artifact weapon when you change those relics the ilvl will be lowest, it's like having a shoulders 800 and when you change it for a 820 your ilvl won't be 20+, happens the same here BECAUST the 3rd ranure isn't working, when they add a 3rd relic ranure your ilvl from your weapon will be highest. (Sorry for my bad english).
  2. Banned cus i want to ban people.
  3. Where is Sovak? ¡We want Sovak! Fast question, will you make a open beta?
  4. U r speaking about unholy or frost? Becaust (in my opinion) frost it's like that. Depends on what you want to be, i mean if you like a mele class i think warrior could be a really good option, but if you like range maybe hunter or warlock, hunt is very easy to play but it does'nt have much supervivence like the warlock or even a shaman, Becaust? Hunter can't heal it so much, just run If you want pve with range class i recommended a hunter or warlock, are very funny to play, i start with a hunter and i still loving it. If you want pvp its better a hunter or mage (have more difficult but still you can try with this). From a mele class i think warrior (for dps) can be the best option, they have a loot of damage and supervivence, defensives, cc, etc... (PvE and PvP). Tank your better option it's a blood dk, they are very easy to play.. A healing class could be the monk, it's very easy to heal with it, and the mana it's not a problem