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  1. Hi, thanks for your report, this will be fixed during Monday's update.
  2. Soon™
  3. We'll work on this as soon as we can.
  4. When the raid will be released, it'll be for LFR, normal and heroic modes, will all the bosses available. By the way, you can do Trial of Valor in the mean time.
  5. Yeah sure, atm the whole raid is scripted on normal and heroic difficulties, there are a few things left to do (the escort with Khadgar & Thalryssa isn't finished yet for example), but you can report any issue you find.
  6. It'll depends on the feedbacks we have, but let's say you can expect a release in a few weeks.
  7. Hello! I have some good news for you! We did a lot of fixes on Nighthold recently, all of them should be applied on Sylvanas after the next restart (or crash). After that, you should be able to fully test the raid in normal and heroic difficulties. Including Gul'dan. Now that I've finished his script (except mythic mode), some of you might want to see what he's got for you... Not directly with 7.3, but of course yes, once Nighthold will be finished, we'll start working on ToS.
  8. Everything that got reported has been fixed, plus a few other things that QA noticed. Some of those fixes might not have been applied on Sylvanas yet, they'll be after the next restart (or crash).
  9. Indeed Odyn's loot are still disabled, I'll fix that, how was the fight? Guarm and Helya should have loots. And yes, the IDs will be cleared for Saturday's release. But please next time, post on the right topic, this is for The Nighthold raid.
  10. As I said, reported issues should now be already fixed. Also, since today's resart, the first 3 wings are now fully testable!
  11. Reported issues should be fixed after the next restart. Thanks for your feedbacks!
  12. Well, don't do it then?
  13. Indeed there is a problem, it's not a server crash, but a client crash. We're currently working on a solution, sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. I think it's you. I just restarted Sylvanas & Greymane to apply all the changes related to the opening of Nighthold, half an hour ago.
  15. Hi everybody! Starting today or tomorrow, The Nighthold will be opened for some weeks of testing purpose! Of course, a test period always means that you won't be able to receive any kind of reward for killing bosses in those difficulties, no loot, no achievement and no points for legendary items. The only thing you'll receive is the satisfaction to help our development team by reporting encountered issues. At the moment, only the first wing is fully scripted, the other wings are still under development, but should be finished soon. If you encounter any kind of issues, you can send us a report this way: Thank you for your support, and good luck in your fights during the pursuit of Gul'Dan.