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  1. Welcome to Firestorm!
  2. #hazog #wod #orc

    Welcome and For The Horde!
  3. Wtf
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome back! I will never forgett the title "The Cat that cries"
  6. Welcome! ^^
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome to the community! Yeah, WoD has lots of bugs, but ir's playable. The population is around 1k-2k per realm.
  9. Go to OC and download it from King's thread. But... There isn't a lot of things to do... Just, explore the zones.
  10. I can, but it takes a bit to load
  11. I have 70kb download speed. It's very difficult download it without internet crash everytime
  12. But you have to download full game client (33GB).
  13. English section... :P
  14. Scan your WoD folder and update it when Legion becomes available.