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  1. will this be a new server/realm or will sylvanas be upgraded to 7.3.5
  2. I ended up in SW (not sure if a GM ported me there) and I had a priest pull me out of SW and got a horde to kill me.
  3. I was doin ICC and I got impaled - the char got stuck so i logged out and logged back in - the char was ported to the inn in dalaran (broken isles). I am still impaled. I used the char unstuck but it did not work. The group finished ICC but I am still stuck. I opened a ticket but there was no response from a gm
  4. I have a warlock that has an ivl of 860 - however artifact relics that are wq rewards has an ilvl of 805 - is it supposed to be that low? I would think that it should be 840-845 at least
  5. is this trinket bugged it says it gives 1 fire damage? Really??
  6. Learn Artifact Knowledge - the 3 slot opens up at lvl 15 i think
  7. is this working? I have the mistletoe but I cannot use it on the "brothers" - I tried the mistletoe on a player and it worked but it did not work on the targets (/kiss did not work either)
  8. Is it one per IP address or account
  9. For the past two days it is impossible for me to play - I log in and wait 5 mins for the npcs and players to appear - i wait for 2-5 mins for the chat window to come up if i am speaking to a npc. I did not have this problem before. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. what is your herbs level?
  11. well i would say my chars are just unlucky
  12. I am 700/700 but no receipe is letting me make anything that increase skill point
  13. Been trying to log in for over an hour but the realm page show sylvanas in red sayin incompatable?
  14. will give it a try
  15. This week I had quite a few crashes and roll backs - while it can't be controlled the inconvenience is really annoying. I have been trying to get artifact relics and rings for one of my chars and I finally saw a ring on moxa - excitedly I ran to kill it so I can finally get a 840 ring since my current ring is 825 - killed it and boom got dc ..... when i logged back in I was back at the FM and the moxa quest is not there any more - there was no ring. If it was a crash and roll back why the quest and reward is not reset as well?