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  1. I keep crashing as well
  2. HI I was contacted by a GM an the matter was resolved Thanks
  3. I accepted the quest and got to the boat and also took the quest However I could not turn in behind enemy boats, I was able to turn in broadside bedlam, I deleted the quest an went back to the ship to retake the quest - the npcs did not have any quest. I took swift flight - but all I do i fly around - I am not seeing any quests to take. I cannot start that quest. I opened a ticket but I have not received a response. Any suggestions how I continue the quest line?
  4. What is the cut off date for Sylvanas char upgrades? Simply put all the work that I am currently puttin in on my char .... when is the cut off point for the BFA trannsfer? Players will keep all their gear along with a maximum of 10,000 golds per character. = eg 5 chars @10K each or 5 chars @ 2k each
  5. ok thanks
  6. yes its there
  7. It was loot from wardens emissary chest
  8. Unfortunately for me that was the pic I took to send to a guildie saying i finally got one ..I guess once u get a legendary u take a screen shot as proof in case u lose it
  9. I looted however when I logged on my char today the legendary is gone Char: Soucouyant - Horde - 110 Realm: Sylvanas
  10. yes ... guess we have to wait for a crash or restart
  11. I tried loggin in with my grandson (he is a minor) account and I was able to log in ... when I tried again with my account I was still stuck at the log in screen - when I tried to a char unstick on the website it says I need to log out of the game. I have tried but I cannot log out - I have restarted my laptop, opened multiple windows and tried to log in (all are stuck at the same log in screen). I guess I have to wait for a server restart to log me out.
  12. I am stuck at "Logging into game server screen" - is the server down?
  13. take res sickness - u cant get back there as a ghost
  14. Has the pet stable for hunters been removed? I have tried a few and they all have 2 options - I am looking for a lost companion and I'd like to heal an revive my battle pets. Is this a bug or has the stable been removed with Arugs
  15. ok thanks