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  1. What is the cut off date for Sylvanas char upgrades? Simply put all the work that I am currently puttin in on my char .... when is the cut off point for the BFA trannsfer? Players will keep all their gear along with a maximum of 10,000 golds per character. = eg 5 chars @10K each or 5 chars @ 2k each
  2. yes ... guess we have to wait for a crash or restart
  3. I tried loggin in with my grandson (he is a minor) account and I was able to log in ... when I tried again with my account I was still stuck at the log in screen - when I tried to a char unstick on the website it says I need to log out of the game. I have tried but I cannot log out - I have restarted my laptop, opened multiple windows and tried to log in (all are stuck at the same log in screen). I guess I have to wait for a server restart to log me out.
  4. I am stuck at "Logging into game server screen" - is the server down?
  5. Has the pet stable for hunters been removed? I have tried a few and they all have 2 options - I am looking for a lost companion and I'd like to heal an revive my battle pets. Is this a bug or has the stable been removed with Arugs
  6. ok thanks
  7. what is the maximum number of chars we can create on one account?
  8. this starts the quest line
  9. My leatherworking is 800/800 my skinning is 800/800 - I have been trying to do the questline leading up to - however there are no more quests from the trainers in dalaran or in highmountain. I have been doin leatherworking at the start of legion when stuff was not working properly - I have done a few of the quests out of sequence. Can anyone offer up any suggestions on how to complete this?
  10. i think its bugged
  11. How do you complete the mage tower? I have contributed and clicked on the scroll but the building is still incomplete
  12. The wolves an bears in elwyn forest
  13. since the server restarted its unstable
  14. I would like to know if there are any other players that seem to have an issue with My issue is - as I approach the quest it says complete even tho I have not attacked When I killed the npc there was no loot. I tried with my alt disabling all the addons and the result was the same. I see people there and they seem to be able to do the quest (I asked but no one responds) Is there something I am doin wrong?
  15. Sorry - just log it in bug tracker - maybe with enough complaints they would fix it. That part and save yourself is bugged.