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  1. Thanks
  2. i did - but the person who was able to see stopped ... blamed me and was very angry.
  3. I do not have broken isles flying on my char, how am I supposed to complete some quests in Stormheim since all the hooks have disappeared eg Is there another way to gain access to these locations?
  4. nope - it will respawn and you still cannot see it
  5. I have a char that has been playing on Legion since it was introduced on this server and it still has not gotten a legendary ....
  6. So it once per IP and not account.
  7. - has anyone been able to complete this since the update? I have the quest but Tyrande does not appear to do the vigil.
  8. Can anyone see world quests in Stormhiem? Are you able to do any quests there?
  9. bug

    I dont think the upgrade is complete
  10. gives u the quest - but u cannot summon the orphan and the whistle disappears when u log out
  11. is this bugged. I cannot speak to i can take the quests but cannot summon the orphan and the whistle disappears when i log out
  12. I am ally Edensinclair - so sure. I ran a month or two it was working then. I tried last night and now and still empty
  13. Is Uldar ( bugged? I tried to enter 10 & 25 normal an heroic in a group and all instances were empty - no mobs/npcs/bosses
  14. 10 or 25 man?
  15. i kno only on char on the account can click on the egg - but is there a egg give away limit. I have done 8 eggs so far and got 1 bunny an 7 no luck try another egg