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  1. The wolves an bears in elwyn forest
  2. since the server restarted its unstable
  3. I would like to know if there are any other players that seem to have an issue with My issue is - as I approach the quest it says complete even tho I have not attacked When I killed the npc there was no loot. I tried with my alt disabling all the addons and the result was the same. I see people there and they seem to be able to do the quest (I asked but no one responds) Is there something I am doin wrong?
  4. Sorry - just log it in bug tracker - maybe with enough complaints they would fix it. That part and save yourself is bugged.
  5. wow and there it is!! thanks
  6. oh thanks I got the heritage armour. Where do i go to get the mount?
  7. I leveled a Warlock Void Elf to 110 two days ago but I did not receive any armour or quest for mount. The gateway to enter my class hall is not there so I cannot get to my class hall. Is this tied to the reputations, achievements, mounts, and titles bug? reputations, achievements, mounts, and titles
  8. when faraondis flies back to faraondale - there is no npc there to turn in the quest
  9. bug

    Go back to the giant guy an have him throw u back in the ring
  10. After I enter my password it just seems to be stuck on the log in screen on Sylvanas.
  11. bug

    Instead of dropping the quest try going back to get thrown in the ring. That worked for me
  12. Elwyn Forest in sw if u are alliance. outside orgimmar of u are horde
  13. I am seeing people complaining (lots of people) and one or two posts in bug tracker that - I ran it on an alt and it is bugged.. what I am a little confused about is that it is not deemed as serious/priority to be fixed. What do we need to do to have this matter be addressed by the devs?
  14. Go back to Strenfathom and have him throw u back
  15. I have some questions. Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated 1) World Quest - Felhide I have searched on my chars with skinning and I have never found the - some of the locations listed here the quest does not pop up on my map and there is no npc 2) World Quest - Felwort I have tried this 3-4 times (when I saw the wq) and only once I received the felwort. Some of my alts with herbalism when I take them to the location there is no wq there for them or there is no felwort to pick 3) World Quest - Infernal Brimstone Some of my alts with mining when I take them to the location there is no wq there for them or there is no to mine 4) Engineering - I cannot speak with the Jewelcrafting Supplies vendor Tiffany Cartier. I spoke to all the others and received the items. - I cannot not speak to him to purchase anything. I want to purchase 5) Alchemy - - I cannot not speak to him to purchase