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  1. Just in case this wasn't posted
  2. Ye LFR is Implemented.
  3. I hope you are being sarcastic This server is already strict enough
  4. As i said there isn't. Only for skirmishes.
  5. No, fortunately they can't.
  6. Go to website -> my account -> Character unstucking.
  7. Cata content is a pain indeed but you can mine your way through mop, you don't even have to visit pandaria cause ores give crazy xp. So my advice just go farm some copper.
  8. Eyy Oushimama!!
  9. Well, hi guys and gulls. How ya all doin? My name is Stefan playing here fo 3 months i think, i love this community <3 and that is why am i playing here. Stalking forums here for some time , I'll pop some comments from time to time! Hope to see ya all in game.