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  1. Hi As mentioned in the title I have very long loading time in broke isles, something like 1h or even 2h. That really makes the game unplayable for me on my main character which is level 100 mage transferred from WoD realm. I have 2 other characters on this server and i can easily log in and play in their zones (they are lvl 20-30). Any help would be really apprieciated.
  2. I'd like to start playing on legion server, but i dont know if its worth it at the moment.
  3. Devs pls do something to make those zones playable because its really sad when u want to play on WoD server and ashran is almost always empty. In my opinion it should be their priority to make it fully working because previous name of this server was "Ashran". Tol Barad and wintergrasp are optional but it would be nice to fight there as well. About BG... some of their features are not working for example cannons on Strand of the Ancients are dealing almost no dmg. Its propably the same in every zone or battleground with cannons, demolishers, catapults etc. Please make it better so we can experience full PvP of WoW.
  4. I'm looking for english/polish guild playing PvE and PvP. Active players and some guild actvities like raids or ashran would be nice.
  5. Hello, ive got a question: is there flying in draenor on this server ? If so,how can i get it?
  6. Thanks for help !
  7. I lost my hearthstone when dropping(destroying) items. I accidentaly destroyed it as well. Is there a way to bring it back?
  8. I've got a question, how to gain level fast. Do i have to do quests or is it better to just grind mobs?
  9. Thanks, ill try that.
  10. How to gain vote points? I've voted on every site and i've got 0 points? Is it 1 point for 1 vote on every site or 1 point for every site voted?
  11. Hello, Is there a way to download entire game (or bigger part of it) outside the game itself, because it takes so long time for me to go to new zone (there is some kind of invisible wall that blocks me) , or fight with new enemies (i cant see them for at least 10 minutes). It applies to instances or BGs as well. Any help really appreciated.
  12. Na Grommashu bo jest jedyny anglojęzyczny Na żadnym innym sie nie dogadasz.