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  1. Ohhh, you look a bit mad, starting to personnal attack me because you know you are shit in every single game. + trying to roast me irl when you look like a spastic rat lmao, imagine sending pitures from google and saying its your home+ friends. Conor life btw, Zull haHAA. I exposed you so hard that you had to ignore me, and yes, I wanted you to unblock me, I didn't beg, I just wanted to remind you that you are nobody and will never be someone, apart from being a compulsive liar trying to flame people that are better than you in everything with irrelevant arguements. Inventing a life on the internet, Zull btw.
  2. The compulsive liar is back boys, the feral whispered me you were dogshit, he would never /w you when you didn't even have 2000 exp achievement. Playing 10 hours a day on firestorm legion ✔ Win trading on Private Server ✔Screenshots every win ✔ 2.3 exp on live ✔ Playing Fortnite Xbox ✔ Compulsive liar ✔ Following e-girls on twitch ✔ Has to spam to be interesting ✔ You are right, that's Zull :Conor:
  3. Aswell, you're trying to roast Cara, when he can for SURE push glad on live, when you Conor, can only push duelist even tho you are getting piloted. How sad. What is pity is this guy. Now I can predict you will bring the argument «I don't play 4hours a day», but you are stupid bcs u haven't got any life. lmao u dont go to school + u dont have a job. 😘
  4. Its actually funny how Zull tries to shittalk me behind my back. First of all, I was higher than you on WoD, I went 2.9 with dustti as dk/ret. Then as I saw, you are trying to make fun of Cara about his exp, but you're actually retarded, he has between 2.4 n 2.5 xp on loads of characters. When YOU; trash hunter, only has got 2.4 exp thanks to me, indeed, didn't I boost you from 1.5 to 2.4+ ? Yes I did, and the funny fact, when we queued jungle, I took a 6x r1 feral that whispered me « who's this trash hunter?» because you couldn't land a trap by your own+ you were playing shit. Also I would add that you just prove that you are super dumb, calling me a trash +shit talking me behind my back, when I hit 2750cr on my alt class with normal peoples, not even my rank ones partners etc. I almost forgot, didn't I expose you enough on discord that you ignored me? :(. Funny fact, some people whispered me that I was right. I think I exposed you enough again so you will get mad and write an irrelevant essay. 🖖🖖
  5. Warrior : izigang / bakka Hunter : zull rogue : vinders / xqtr Priest : Sankyx / valeudezhzqt Shaman : Swavy / izigang ele haHAA Paladin : Xanara hpala / Valeudezqt Ret Mage : nobody. Warlock : bugged spec on fs nobody. Monk : fearlord / kenospam Druid : Seyo / Dirtydancer my love ♥ DH : Swavy. DK : firensdk.
  6. u won +1's aswell then bcs u are 3k 3000 wins :LUL: :eZ:
  7. gg double healer has always been strong on retail Kappa
  8. you need to go demono spec kappa, they are dealing 1.3 M damages x2 with burst^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^hhhhhhhhh good spec btw cm you should rly give a look at this spec,
  9. @SwizzBeatz they are not shared :D, got glad on 2 chars and didn't receive glad title on my other chars :'(, In my opinion this is a bug because this mage transfered his char from X extension to Legion, and it's his highest rating in Legion ^^ We have to wait for an admin/GM to answer
  10. Yep! That's what I did :), gearing alts lmao and i'm just w8ing nerfs
  11. I don't spam radiance, but to handle a DH burst which is way too broken, you have to spam Shadowmeld and you get oom so fckg fast. Even with no dampening to keep your partners alive.
  12. Actually no, I'm playing disci priest and it does way too much damage, and it has low full heals. And it gets oom very fast.
  13. @Theisemma1234 , maybe an admin could help you to fix it ^^
  14. Nerf Disci dmg and up Disci heals, they are way too low compared to other healing classes like mw or rdu.
  15. I hope they'll give BC rewards in 2s and in 3s