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  1. So is there any other way? Mint isn't available in my country so I'm confused
  2. Is there any way to buy Firestorm points from a not so known country? I live in Bangladesh and I don't have a credit card, nor does Paypal work in my country. So, any way? .-.
  3. This is so fricking cool *-* Kavos, you are my hero. Damn, dude! :'D How far did you go?
  4. I used the portal in Stormwind to go to Draenor and then spoke with Garrison Ford. Just kill mobs in draenor, there aren't a lot of working quests.
  5. Mining and Blacksmithing
  6. So, How do I learn the Draenor recipes? There isn't any NPC in stormshield. Help will be appreciated Thanks is advance :3
  7. Download any Wow 6.1.2 then delete Utils folder and cache folder. Then from the launcher, specify the location of the download.
  8. The quest 'How to win friends and influence enemies' isn't working. I accept the quest and I can't find the box that the quest needs me to open. Its supposed to be there but it isn't. What do I do?
  9. So I just Click on play in the launcher and wait?
  10. So, I'm new to this server and well, If I leave the game on, will it download? Or do I have to keep playing? Thanks in advance guys Oh and, Any guilds I can join? :3