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  1. DAIMOND blyat :c behaind boss. What u talk mon <3
  2. the little lake, above ''ruins of Dojan''
  3. it is there, just got eet.
  4. left to SW gate
  5. Can u add Unstuck on Page for PTR in that time PTR is up cuz we just went EoA MM ++ for keystone thingy to test blabla and we got all error and we cant unstuck them or smth and redoing chars is retarded cuz i just learned all spec etc stuff dont wanna click ageen 10000000x AP items.. so rip englando peace.
  6. ''soon'' means on Firestorm atleast 6month huehue
  7. Greetings, So today when i logged in i'v noticed on my shaman (during Trait learning) i'v lost my colocted appearance for my weapons. (look on screens later) So when i went to the Trait table i was going to show some Guildy my appearance's but somehow they were all gone. U can see ( later on the screens) that i'v had those appearance's cuz i still have them as Xmog. Also i'v got the achievment for the Priestige 1 - lvl 50 appearance. So i also asked in Guild if some1 else lost some of there appearance's so they said yes. Also u can see in chat the 1000/1000 Kills completed for appearance. Is there some way to fix that ? or will it get fix'd in the next days ? Every answer is welcome Screens: http://imgur.com/a/kAaq1
  8. It's from Mythic ID its shares atm to HC loot. We have some issues we cant loot in any HC dungeon as we have all 5 ID's on Mythics.
  9. 3nd
  10. /leave world_en
  11. U can't sell BoE items that u bought in Firestorm Shop.
  12. U have to kill the Green ads slowly thats all
  13. When Rare farming goes real lmao
  14. Greetings, I'v got some problem on my Shaman and Monk. I'am not able to enter few arenas sometimes. First it happen'd on my monk i wasnt able to enter Tiger Peak's arena and i'v unstucked my char and delete'd cache killed myself (ingame) and changed Spec few times. All didnt help. and now since yday its happen'ds on my Shaman now also im not Able to enter Nagrad Arena and one of the Legion Arenas. I'v tried same as on my monk with Unstuck and all. All dont help me and world chat dont reply if i ask if there is a way to fix. So i went here if some1 know how to fix it. Greetings
  15. mop

    not the right topic but when will come the next MoP Changelog ? I'm blind or cant find it ? wasnt it said on start of every month there will be a changelog excuse me if im wrong.