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  1. Hello, I can not open WoW Legion ... I was playing normally and was disconnected by the server ... This error is appearing here whenever I try to enter > ( If you do not understand the text of the image, I will translate for you "World of Warcraft could not connect to the data network. To help with this error read ---Battlenet --- " ) Sorry for bad english =/
  2. I wonder if it is possible to download the folder '' date / date '' Separated from the game? I was with the bug '' CAS '' and now have to download the paste all over again. =/ Sorry for my bad english =/
  3. Is there anything I can do to help? I really want the Launcher in Portuguese
  4. I can not select the Portuguese language (Standard) in the game within the launcher. you forgot to put the Portuguese language ... ( Sorry for my bad english )
  5. This also happens with me. (Sorry for my bad english) =/