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  1. Mop gots many lags problems atm and +0 Win arena games
  2. Proofs: i was capping my other lock this morning, sometimes my mage had +0 too IDK WHY everyone who plays with me get +0 and sometimes me too there are 4 wins in a row on web check mage rating 2201 on 4 wins +23 +10 +11 +12 he got 15 points somehow
  3. Someone else getting +0 in win games? ty
  5. Hi, since some days it happens to me that i win some games and when i check my rating is still the same i want to know if it just happens to me or is a global bug. bb friends
  6. Change win for ban, and thats GM team
  7. My friend got perma banned cuz he called retard a GM friend
  8. Gotta say that was funny watch people crying for this ban, but is getting annoying unban all them and start to get proofs before ban since a similar thing happens to my friend some weeks ago and he still perma banned #FREEDANABOL
  9. tu eres tonto
  10. Honestly i prefer to face a warrior that a unholydk "only shamans totems are bugged" ye u right and is not enough? and well maybe monk is not that bugged u are right on that is just retarded op on 2v but was always like that
  11. 1st of all u are right. ur shaman skills are not that bad but still not good,ur warrior is fucking horrible like i got no words to describe this dogshit player but dk/warr/shaman/monk are way unbalanced compared to retail. so +1