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  1. His mom would be so proud. Bet hes having a screenshot framed for hanging in the basement.
  2. u can still trade non bound items in manual trade window for gold
  3. ......Migrations Migrations won't be available at the start but we expect to implement them soon! At least from other Legion servers. We won't do it at the start from other BFA private servers for balancing reasons. ..... u need to improve your reading skills to 1/75
  4. TLDR: AH is wiped on every major expansion update, even sometimes on major content patch push. u will have full lvl 110 monkeys with profs, learn to remake the gold, its not a economy simulation game.
  5. same issue
  6. Your "friend" will need need to spend several months being active as a lvl 100 (WITH WoD flying) on the WoD realm.
  7. The whole point is to waste some free time. Learn to live by server's rules. Or u can try to make a server & offer free stuff or cheap stuff or whatever u feel is the best deal... ALSO, legion profs are NOT about making usable stuff, legion profs are about making gold. Usable stuff from profs kinda evaporated as a concept in 6.0.
  8. changes whether u get recipes or not depending on 2 types of prices. full or discounted (but could be different now, firestorm changes things randomly & often)
  9. Yes, cant use Boris on wod, says, cant use on season 2
  10. If u believe the reddit, server is being DDOSed by at least 1 competitor during the whole of holidays as a retribution for a similar one done thru our end..
  11. or through fishing (works only on Garrosh)
  12. relog or take a portal, After this NEVER summon a pet thats NOT in one of the slots.
  13. Yes, same exact thing, even tried getting mini client like foxtrot said., even that could also not log in. Stuck at authenticating.
  14. New update to MoP files block the login server. People who didnt update MoP using launcher are fine
  15. same problem. Ticket, thread, bug report, PM all done.