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  1. & u know whats the best part? Some unemployed moron will report u & u will get a small ban. No admin will be able to help u cuz ban is a day or 2 or 5 but all ur loyalty points will come down to 1/2 of max per day. & of course the uncertainty.
  2. delete the Q at max lvl
  3. plz archive this @Hreyo @Miolaro
  4. u should have chosen legion realm, better endgame, less bugs, friendlier people
  5. expect to be closed & archived
  6. same result. Bug tracker wont be in time for making the char leave before 10x is over. For that matter bug tracker wont be in time for second coming of Christ. Game breaking bug, progression impossible.
  7. Wait whut???
  8. We HAD voting.. vv People Abused vv Voting was removed.
  9. that is a known problem with shop chars & has been there since forever.
  10. there is VERY easy workaround if u have a DH (who doesn't :p). buy the pepe toy from DH class hall
  11. u can also ask 2 people to summon u to SW/Org dungeon at the start of DH quest zone chain. U get every spell, the mount the bags & 100g
  12. Dont sweat it, once BORIS hits, u'll have more max lvl monkeys than u know what to use for
  13. Howdy mate. Just an observation: owner & senior admins are still the same exact people. The quality & quantity of support staff (AKA GMs) has sunk into the ground, the commonest reason I've seen being that most new GMs with privilege level to be able to do most anything tend to abuse. There was a time some GM injected code into a dala NPC just outside of alliance inn, so he could spam an advert of some kind whenever a player came close. Another time, a GM added code so a bunch of mounts could be exploited in pvp instances i could go on... My reason of not engaging with pandashan/FS isn't game quality, im just bored with a decade old game which is just same old wine in a new bottle with every expansion.
  14. been playing pandashan/elegon/firestorm/whatever... since 2012 & i have not seen that tactic work, NOT ONCE. but do keep trying, its funny to watch