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  1. crashing more than often tonite....
  2. +1
  3. YES, making multiple threads will solve problems faster. Its a known solution to everything.
  4. 99.99999999999999999% chars are BORIS-spawns.
  5. Make Nelf DH, buy whatever crap u want, use the mogs, logout & log belf. U can delete nelf afterwards.
  6. Nothing in WoD Collections (mounts, pets, looms) tab transfers to ANY other realm. As an added fun, If u buy heirlooms within WoD, they wont even go into collections. So if u want to use looms ON WOD itself on an alt, u have to manually send them (old school type, not through collections tab). Its a known collections tab issue that admins are aware of since a few months at least but since nothing is moving, im guessing, its not on fix-it-soon radar.
  7. Its a dying/Dead realm with low pop (getting lower by the minute). If u r good, they will take u to antorus. Almost every raid pugs for a long time for even DPS (VERY long time for tank/heal). Unless ofc u r dead-set on chatting in green text...
  8. on which realm? ur note says Legion, works there on BFA no, except if u have a friend for insta-forfeit, then u can at least get daily loyalty. both have to have pets in slot 1
  9. its fine on legion, just on BFA is bugged. Checked just now.
  10. same problem
  11. error

    rep needed
  12. Mouse wheel... If nothing works, make a /cast macro
  13. TLDR. MoP is the second most populated realm after BFA (sometimes double that of next one, legion). Something must be right for all those people, find a new challenge to do.