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  1. its fine on legion, just on BFA is bugged. Checked just now.
  2. same problem
  3. error

    rep needed
  4. Mouse wheel... If nothing works, make a /cast macro
  5. TLDR. MoP is the second most populated realm after BFA (sometimes double that of next one, legion). Something must be right for all those people, find a new challenge to do.
  6. Bump
  7. he will be coming. new fresh 120's increase the P2W demand from shop for gear.
  8. LOL if u think posting a large WALL of TEXT from a datamining site is how development/QA works, u my friend are in for a rude shock (here & rest of ur adult life too, since everything touches IT, but anyhow..) The data u posted is so fairly immense & the code that is needed from last update of core DB is so much that there WILL be errors, dev teams arent full of chuck norris's
  9. Same, cant make any DH.
  10. is the companion acc bound?
  11. It would be only yet another way to ask for any service (carry/items/levelling boost etc) & paying with this.
  12. will the pet be BoA or just 1 char?
  13. 1. Learn to create/ask-for/enjoy workarounds for anything/everything on pandashan. 2. Search for item in level ranges in item-type & rarity parameters selected (result not found is due to bad flags for items due to affixes, they are trying to merge various features across different types of cores - pre MoP, post MoP, post legion, all have different itemIDs due to affix changes).
  14. His mom would be so proud. Bet hes having a screenshot framed for hanging in the basement.
  15. u can still trade non bound items in manual trade window for gold