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  1. Your character is worthless. No one cares. No matter what you've accomplished in WoW, someone else has done more. You can't do anything with your character. Also, no, you're not going to sell it
  2. The ability to make >1 DH per acc has been blocked on bfa. 1st DH can be made if u get a 70 on that acc.
  3. RAF

    RAF partially works. After max lvl achieve, u will be eligible for rewards but rewards need senior GMs. Since GMs are endangered species on FS (not chat admins or forum mods), it WILL take a while. The XP bonus & summon etc may or may not work, for some it does, for others, no.
  4. dont waste azeroth cloth on crap like that. People pay a lot for that due to mog-making
  5. To a certain Owlkin i know, who shall remain nameless: Sinister means Left. Another example that right is RIGHT Nice guide..
  6. do silithus bucket & other things on a <90 alt. If u have done other achieve, once u get this one on lowbie, meta will kick in & go to main too.
  7. Thanks a bunch alt. Now here is my grief: " You will find a portal to Arathi Highlands in your main BfA city. ".... What business do you have helping the horde, traitor JK always super helpful guides.
  8. Also, a Hoplon (from which is derived Hoplites) is an oval shield, which is interlockable to the next man's. This is a round buckler.
  9. of course, night elves are proud members of the horde, didnt u know???
  10. that stupid movie made it look legit but that is a crested corinthian helm (modified, since helms were not bucket style/spangenhelm), a spartan helm is non-crested bronze casted, only upper face.
  11. bug

    Ore Prospecting (JC) is bugged in the same exact way.
  12. what u need felhide for?
  13. Legion profs are bugged. A lot of prior profs are also bugged unless purchased from shop (MoP alchem discovery, MoP crafting discovery, vanilla azeroth profession recipe quests ETC). The Only way to get felhide on BFA realm is if people had it in bags when ported from Legion realm. So if u wanna make BS mount, ask WTB. In any case no new BS mount recipe is dropping.
  14. If u wanna express urself in poetry, try Iambic pentameter next time.
  15. TLDR