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  1. Title: bugtracker Type: In-game Description:  HI, I have problems with few bug reported (answer that i received JUNE 2, 2019 15:32:05:ok then sniff it on retail) (answer that I received MAY 7, 2019 07:41:26: i'm asking cuse, cuse iwon't test it.Don't have time to waste on that ...) Now I can understand fix priority but I don't think that the answers I received are the right way to handle minor bug related to new content, even closing (as resolved) the ticket ignoring the bug and advising to go retail if these answers are legitimate I would advise to remove directly from the bugtracker any section inherent to secondary contents such as mounts, professions, etc. because currently certainly the problems with this behavior will never be resolved hoping for an answer, thank you
  2. The ring "Ransacker's Ring of Plunder" ilvl 665 should loot in Shadowmoon Valley from "Dark Enforcer" or other mobs in other places(see wowhead) I would like to know if it's possible to obtain this ring killing "Dark Enforcer" or if I'm simply wasting my time Is it present in the "loot table" of "Dark Enforcer"?