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  1. There is way down in the citadel where is boss, just go left or right from the entrance to the boss arena and there should be way down and down and down and there should be NPC and a portal... Here basicly way down - Here is the NPC to talk to - https://www.wowhead.com/npc=97303/kayn-sunfury With the quest - https://www.wowhead.com/quest=38729/return-to-the-black-temple And this is also good idea.
  2. Just go down, there should be NPC that gives you the next quest that gets you teleported to Dalaran and you can start questing in Legion. You just skip this quest. You get all your abilities and everything. I think most people do it like this. Hope this helps.
  3. probably bugged I heard from more people that they have the same issue... maybe report it to bugtracker if it isn't already there
  4. Well the Putrice bug is unpleasent, but not always present, someone said, that sometimes it helps when you re-enter the instance...but sometimes it just doesn't happen at all...I don't know...I had no problem with proffesor 3/4 times I went in (but I don't really know how to prevent it) About forcing you to buy mounts, I don't really see it like that...because the drop rate on Invincible on 25HC is still 100% so you need just one succesful run to get it... Also if you find someone who has done the normal, you can enter with him into HC, just one person needs achiev from normal to do HC... Anyway, good luck with ICC
  5. Tbh this item comes from Blizzard store and there was never a way to obtain it in game so idk what you getting at...
  6. The magic of personal loot, sometimes you just get fucked....
  7. Not now I think, but with 8.3 blizz made legendaries into transmog too, so you will be able to transmog it later... Now you can transmog the Legendary just on the character you buy it on.
  8. It should work, as long as you level them, you don't get the armor if you just boost it
  9. it downloaded like 0,5Gb, considering the game is roughly 55Gb and the 8.2 torrent is 56Gb I would say it won't be so bad downloading it on the background, I was worried about some massive data download during each loading and stuff you get with the minimal client. I think if you have the 8.0 it is better to download it via the launcher and maybe consider downloading the whole version when they update to 8.2 content so you wont have to download Nazjatar in the background. I will do it like that anyway cause I can't get over 0,5Mb download speed from the torrent...
  10. If I use the launcher and I have full 8.0 game, will it download the whole 8.2 or will it download when I play in the background, cause if its gonna be background download I might as well download it fully from the torrent.
  11. Hi, That quest is probably not in game yet, they did it with most quests in BFA, if they don't have scripting done for it, then it is not in game. Hope they repair that questline tho, its nice. As for the tickets, I had similar problem, you need to have the "GM tickets" addon active in the addon section, otherwise I don't really know what could be the problem. And if you can't find anything on bug tracker, just create the report yourself and maybe someone will repair it. Hope it helps
  12. If you are Horde, sure, but for Aliance the https://www.wowhead.com/npc=37776/apprentice-nelphi gives the quest. If you are Horde or Nelphi doesn't give you the quest just try going into the Forge of Souls, there could be Jaina/Sylvanas with follow up quest available... But I have these quests done from long time ago so I don't know really... Hope it helps.
  13. But it would be nice if they fixed the silithus phasing with Zidormi, it was bad also for the Firefestival.
  14. Idk what the problem is, but this problem I seen from Panda till BFA here and even on other servers. It somehow involves Classic Raids, you can enter once and when you leave you can return only after reset cause the saving somehow fucks up. (I had this experience mainly in Ahn'qiraj) So solution is probably just wait a week.