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  1. Idk what the problem is, but this problem I seen from Panda till BFA here and even on other servers. It somehow involves Classic Raids, you can enter once and when you leave you can return only after reset cause the saving somehow fucks up. (I had this experience mainly in Ahn'qiraj) So solution is probably just wait a week.
  2. You need to have a character level 70 or higher already before you can make demon hunter. Also demon hunters can be just Night Elves or Blood Elves. Hope this help your problem.
  3. they don't have most dungeon quests working idk why, I have completed ALL the quests and only quest for Tol Dagor was available They really should think about what they are doing when they can repair pretty hard scripting on quests, but can't make kill quests for dungeons available...
  4. oh well, nice, but at the start it was doing what I said, I'll go try it I must say, I didn't try many of these raids in some time, it is possible that some things have changed
  5. I would say no, it's just bad scripting. Yogg Saron on the other hand...I have my doubts
  6. Classic - ALL TBC - ALL (Lady Vashj is unkillable and I dont know about Sunwell) WOTLK - Naxx - works fine, some achievs do not work - Ulduar - works pretty good, BUT doors to Yogg Saron are always closed and Keepers do not count for achievements so most of the achieves here do not work - Tournament - should work, didn't really test it - ICC - works (except airship battle but thats skippable, some bosses sometimes bug out and some achieves do not work) - One boss raids work all fine CATA - BoT - works, achievements work - BWD - no bosses scripted, but they are killable and lootable and you get achieves, but LAST BOSS is unkillable and so you can't do HC without achiev for normal - ToTFW - working (glory achiev on last boss does not work) - Firelands - fully functional, some achieves do not work - Dragon Soul - works (except last boss, you can't even start him), some achievs do not work PANDA - Mogushan - bosses are killable and lootable just on normal, HC has no loot (LAST 2 BOSSES DO NOT WORK and AR NOT SPAWNED) - HoF - scripts are all over the place but bosses are killable (except first one but you can skip him) and loot drops - Terrace - 1st boss - no loot, 2nd boss respawns infinetly so you can farm his loot, but you cant go further - ToT - first 3 bosses work fine, when you go to the bridge where you drop down to the turtle boss you get DISCONNECTED and you must unstuck on website so you cant go further - SoO - can't enter on any diff WoD - Highmaul - some bosses spawned, most of the abilities do not work, managed to kill 2 and no loot droped, so no chance (you need to jump out of the colloseum if you want to kill any boss) - Blackrock - all bosses spawned with most tactics working (some do not count as killed when you kill them so you can't go to the last boss and get loot or achievs from them) - Hellfire - can't enter, the entrance is not spawned basicly like the rest of Tanaan LEGION - Nightmare - works fine until Illganoth who has Legion HP so not killable (achievs do not work mostly) - Nighthold - works fine, but last time I was there Krosus had no bridge so he spawns his ranged abilities until he breaks imaginary bridge 3 times - Valor - works - Tomb - works, Sisters of te moon on Mythic were one shotting, but otherwise should be good? - Antorus - working, has some bugs, idk if you can get to last boss cause we never managed to get there, there was always some different bug that stopped us Well this is some fast list out of my head...
  7. Probably yes, it has very low drop rate and mostly from dungeon bosses, but it should be farmable...
  8. Tbh, was there ever 3x rate for reputations? I doubt it, I always seen 3x exp and everything else is blizzlike. Maybe on Legion? I didn't play Legion much... But I don't think 3x rep is good idea anyway...
  9. - same if you don't have achievement for 25 normal LK kill you can't do 25HC (that's the problem, I think I was getting the same message) didn't encounter the other bugs
  10. When we brought up Rukhmar, can anyone say what respawn time does he have and if he is flying on Firestorm or just spawns on one location? I would like to know, thanks
  11. The prequest may be bugged but the ship should still get you to Vashjir it sails from the place where ship to Northrend is. (It's the ship with spikes)
  12. I don't know really I think I had the same problem, did you try skinning different animals? Maybe its just problem of the specific NPC type. I seen on the map skinnable NPCs and when I killed them I couldn't skin them... So maybe it's problem with specific NPCs but idk... Most animals I skinned I had no problem with...
  13. Works on Panda/Legion as far as I know. On BFA you start it and it crashes your PC...
  14. No, Expeditions are not working. And this is happening while changing phases in Draenor, in Garrisons or in Draenor Blasted Lands when you go to Deadwind pass from there. So I suppose Expeditions are somehow connected with Draenor phasing right now, can't imagine why tho
  15. I don't know, like some people say this is bug, but I see my drake fine. Also some people say they crash when they go to Helheim, me and other people don't... What is this, personalized bug meta?