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  1. Wew DKU, that brings back memories. GL with recruitment
  2. There is still an active english community on /join world_en . The realm merge is here to stay until further notice, as such this suggestion is denied.
  3. With Firestorm's birth came a clean slate for even the worst of players, giving them a second chance. Until said player commits a violation of our current terms, a suspension will not be given.
  4. Welcome back
  5. Hi

    Hey. welcome
  6. Make a ticket in-game
  7. Moved to general.
  8. Garrisons work, you can have your own. They're currently under development though so there's gonna be a few hiccups here and there but yeah. Speak to Garrison Ford and he'll create it for you.
  9. Welcome
  10. banned azi for having red eyes
  11. Banned Azi for having a 3 letter name.
  12. Welcome back Dolly. Past issues aside, it's true that your passion and dedication cannot be doubted.