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  1. Wew DKU, that brings back memories. GL with recruitment
  2. There is still an active english community on /join world_en . The realm merge is here to stay until further notice, as such this suggestion is denied.
  3. With Firestorm's birth came a clean slate for even the worst of players, giving them a second chance. Until said player commits a violation of our current terms, a suspension will not be given.
  4. Welcome back
  5. Hi

    Hey. welcome
  6. Make a ticket in-game
  7. Moved to general.
  8. Garrisons work, you can have your own. They're currently under development though so there's gonna be a few hiccups here and there but yeah. Speak to Garrison Ford and he'll create it for you.
  9. Welcome
  10. banned azi for having red eyes
  11. Banned Azi for having a 3 letter name.
  12. Welcome back Dolly. Past issues aside, it's true that your passion and dedication cannot be doubted.
  13. Hey you guys, Some of you may remember me during my time as staff at Pandashan. (Early 2013 to mid 2014) Oldest & longest standing GM! Well I was offered to join back to help with the new WotLK / Cata realms. Wrath of the Lich King is my fav expansion, so I accepted ^^. If you don't know me, I'm sure you'll come to realize that although I take my responsibilities seriously I like to joke around with the community and be considered your friend. After all, it's you guys who make the server. Real name is Jeff, you can call me that if you prefer. It's good to see some other old timers here, if you want to catch up just send me a PM, or post here See you around, Drood
  14. Closed.
  15. Moved to presentations.
  16. Thread archived. If you have any problems you may now make a topic in the technical support category. The bugtracker will be opened soon. Keep in mind (to those of you who are still having issues with the launcher) that the launcher is still being revised in order to make everything work smoothly.
  17. LOL those notes Welcome to Firestorm
  18. Did you merge your account correctly? Pandashan doesn't exist anymore.
  19. Answered, archived.
  20. Look under the realm categories on the forums