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  1. The achiefment was implemented in WoD not MoP so you have to go on a WoD realm to get the mount... http://wow.gamepedia.com/Mountacular
  2. so we have to wait untill tomorow that the changelogs for today make it official what they did. Les hope that the changelogs get soday online when the changes happen agan and not get even worse than it is right now with one day of no knowledge.
  3. Hi everyone I just noticed that I could restart the quests of the legendary questline for the legendary cloak and wanted to know whether it is now finished (at least the first chapter) or not. I just ask this because the latest changelogs aren´t out yet and I got pretty exited about it. So I would like to know what is going on.
  4. How far are you with the legendary quest chain for MoP?
  5. But it is a bug that just exists for warlocks
  6. I just say proffessions and Warlocks etherything else should be clear. (This Bug exists at least til 2014) Why do I have to klick etherytime when I want to craft somthing X times the same amount of times on the craft button and can´t use craft all or cant chose how often it is suposed to be crafted, seriously this bug is known for years and nothing happend.
  7. I made the normal Magnificent Hide but it is written: Create http://wowhead.com/i...peau-magnifique will allow you to randomly learn the following recipes: http://wowhead.com/s...-peau-de-quilen ... I should get an recipe or is this a wrong information
  8. Hi I don´t know where to place an bug report right now but I think this is the best place for it. I don´t get a recipe when I craft Magnifecent Hide. I don´t have any 458 or 522 armor sets althougth I should get them like it was teased in the change log back on Pandashan. It could be an Letherworking bug or could be in connection with my class or race (Undead Monk). I hope this problem will be fixed soon. Your Havokeater
  9. just click an second time on play afeter the first window has opened, that isn´t that difficult.