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  1. i guess there is nothing else to do,im not gonna make another account i always had 2,but this was my main i played here since MoP 2013,played with my main char on MoP then transferred to WoD and lastly to Legion,im not going to start anew.
  2. well i expected something but after watching what Blatancy posted i no longer expect to get unbanned,i have never donated i don't have money to spend on games,it is why i play on private server ,on retail you have to pay lots and lots of money that i don't have.
  3. I've been trying to get my account unbanned for a while now and its not going anywhere, when i go to my account page it says : BANNED ACCOUNT reason:Security issue please contact ourboros. did that: Started conversation: December 20, 2017 he did not respond i write him again after 2 weeks and still no response.then i waited for month and still no response,he hasn't even read what i wrote. then i wrote to forum about my problem,told me to make ban appeal and i did that. after while it was denied and head GM said Your account was banned under "Security issue" or account breach. Please contact Admin Ouroborus via the forums through private message and he will assist you further. oh sure hes assisting me for 2 month already with his unresponsiveness. guess there's nothing else i can do just leave this server.
  4. so my account go banned a while ago most likely because it was hacked and someone used it.i changed password immediately,in the account page it was show that i should contact ourboros firestorm staff member,and i did that but he doesn't respond to me , i wrote him more than month ago.can someone unban my account or i should leave firestorm for good?
  5. well im sorry to say but by comparison to other server i know this server has developed less in probably same time. but i like it here cuz of that looting thing u got here,when someone attacking a mob and you hit it you get loot too,personal loot system i guess its called.
  6. Title: Work more on expansions where more player are. Type: In-game Description:  why don't u get rid of realms (expansions) where such low amount of players are. if u get rid of a few expansions exempl. WoD,Cata and WotLK u could do more on expansions where is higher player base. Development in Legion expansion is really going slow.
  7. there is no graphics card and u really need it for games.Intel HD Graphics is not good enough.
  8. so i completed quest chain in tannan jungle but i still cant get garrison.last quest was [The Home Stretch] it didn't ended well cuz wen we got in the boat after the cutscene i got black screen i clicked enter and typed /reload and got rid of black screen then i went to talk to garrison ford but he doesnt do anything.
  9. Operating System:Win 10 64-bit Character Name: Pyzdiec Description of the problem:so i reached lvl 90 and went to shadowmoon valley to start garrison and go lvling,but i couldn't get garrison from garrison supplier i click on him but nohing happens no quest log opens,then i went to complete tannan jungle quest line and completed it last one was [ The Home Stretch ] i dont think it completed well cuz when loading screen appeared i got black screen later but the game was working i clicked enter and typed reload and it was all good,then i went to get my garrison and i still couldn't get it. Screenshot: