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  1. Title: cross realm Type: In-game Description:  we didn't ask to play with a pvp tournament ' greymane ' with us in sylvanas ... i wish that they can play with them selfs cuz some of them unskilled and it's not fun to play with them ... this player in screenshot is trying to revive from his corpse in Bg ... you know what i mean ? please do somthing about this we don't want this players with us ... they are not skilled enough ... afks ... and even not fair i suggest a vote if you don't mind it but ... every one gone vote be sure to delete all his greymane players cuz they wont mind to stay ' i wish so bad to remove cross realm
  2. bfa

    we didn't get any information if firestorm servers will have bfa version of the game ?
  3. when the next season will come ? we are now at season 3/4 ?
  4. HEy i want to ask if i copy a charater from Wod to legion do i will be abel to play it in Wod again ?
  5. thanks ^^ <3
  6. hu hu hu ! calm down dude !
  7. great hh somone agree with me ^^
  8. stop thinking about pve when we are talking about a duel ! its just a cooldown rest not flying hack ... Dude what happend here ???
  9. the first one when i que to arena i started and join it but i suddnly i teleported to my first location ......... the second one is i got Dc and loged off the therd one and its wierd ! i was loading and its about 30 secound to start ! i got that arena finished and green team won ! and the arena didn't start yet ! and my partner was moving normly ! Btw after the arena started i can't even move ! i just get stanned so i can move after it but again i teleported out the arena ! please help me
  10. okay thats not problem ! but explain the healing problem ?
  11. mind control not availble for pries disc i already have one .. and not that good to use it in pvp arena
  12. but my friend is disc and not availble for disc priests i think .. and i don't think the spell can be reflected
  13. u mean that my friend used mind controle and the pally reflect it ?
  14. i don't know i just rage quit after that arena ! and im not doing any more areana till they fix it
  15. is it normal that pala can heal more then disc priest ? !! btw my friend told me that he can controle him