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  1. Server will be up shortly, people are looking into the problem that caused the crashes. Arm yourself with patience
  2. Server will be up shortly, people are looking into the problem that caused the crashes. Arm yourself with patience
  3. 1. Combat bug - an old and wellknown bug - unfortunately. THAT HAPPENS EVEN IN RETAIL. Do your researches. Check out this reddit post to see I am not blathering. 2 As for despawn times - you have somewhat of a valid point but not quite. If you're talking about despawn times of any NPC's in dungeons atleast for 110 lvl, I can assure you that despawn timers are accurate. That might not be the case for lower level dungeons though.
  4. @Sbrillocoso I won't bother arguing in this thread, if you want to chat about things with me and get a little bit of insight you can always find me on either discord @vicdgaf or here in forum PM's. Regards
  5. I will try to keep it short even though I know I will fail. Let's begin, shall we ? 1st of all - population is even striking an increse in the recent weeks. You can't fight facts. 2nd: a) AV has a minor bug with Drek'thar's health that will be fixed soon(tm). It's not any of staff members fault that one faction outsmarts the other. I've won dozens of AV's as a Horde. b) 3rd - Spoiler alert .... definition doesn't fit in any of these, don't you agree ? We get your frustration for missing / buggy content and spells. Everyone that's assigned to the Legion team is doing his part. Arm yourself with patience. Slow and steady. As some wise people once said hasty climbers have sudden falls. Overall this post is unnecessay. Same goes for my reply. We will get nowhere with arguing. Let's agree to disagree. Much ado about nothing Kind regards, Vic
  6. You just extract the .rar file with the whole folder that contains the addon in your WorldOfWarcraft\Interface\AddOns.
  7. So have you ever tried retail or you are just talking nonsense by default ? The fact you are so salty and can't wait devs to try and fix your class is the only ignorant thing in this thread. If you know so much about the game and want to help (and not talk nonsense in forums yelling to fix certain class) try to HELP the staff members and report the things on bugtracker if they aren't reported yet. Actions are needed, not words. Have a great day, Vicdgaf
  8. The Bugtracker of shamans is a mess, there are different opinions everywhere. Things are getting tested. Every class is getting their critical errors fixed everyday. Arm yourself with patience.
  9. People in the staff are aware of this issue, they are working on it, atleast that's what they told me on discord. Should be fixed soon, I finally want to get my shoulder transmog Q_Q
  10. +alot
  11. I found it troublesome understanding half ot the things both of you wrote therefore I don't get the point you rant about, lol