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  1. OOOOK Now, the relics - some 810 drop from world mob kill.... rare but droips - I droped 2 life and 2 iron Other relics more to your ilvl come with guess what! WORLD QUESTS! I got lvl 40 relics with wq on ,my hunter.... And different other lvls for other characters that are lower ilvl. IMHO you should not loose faith.
  2. SOmetimes your order hall missions reward a token that grants a certain amount of reputation with the nightfallen. But do not count only on this one. Completing the current first chain that takes Thalystra to Ashal Aran and ends turningAshal Aran in a temporary base for her- this one will make you friendly towards Nightfallen - ccess to ilvl 800 gear of the faction - maybe useful for mogs at maximum.... see no other purpose.
  3. The first time she asks for mana: 1. get inside the cave and look at the central zone upper floor. some crystals will spawn on a circle and a local boss spirit will atack- sorta banshee. Kill her and keep gathering the 6 crystals she asks for. Once you feed her these you will complete. But after completing she will be able to show you the gear she gives for honor. But no other quest goes on no matter the ? or ! you see on her. This is because it ends here for now and is the 1st chain of the Nightfallen chievement as in your achievement task panel. For the next ones I say better wait. Doing pieces , like some might be enabled ... this can take you to a situation as it was with valSharah. In valsharah many did pieces of quest lines and, when the complete lines were implemented, they had issues getting the completion of the lines without DEV divine intervention. Cheers and... patience
  4. As you might all know, on Discord, after launching of the patche, there is a news that reads : Beastialys-Last Monday at 12:21 PM @everyone we have dissabled Suramar until the crash related to it its fixed! It will be implemented back aftwards So please have patience and we hope devs can and will soon fix this area. For now it looks like the patch has little to no advantages to players except for a raid that, due to poor planning on developement of zones, find less prepared players than it should be. Cross fingers and let us all hope some good strategy on fixing and implementing will be applyed.
  5. at least you connect. Think to other 2k players that get 51901001 error since this morning....
  6. Hidaren lol you too play somewherelse LOL... yeah choosing is best.
  7. 32 bit client error

    if you run win on 32 bit a 64 bit client is not working
  8. 32 bit client error

    lol is a tricky pool
  9. Let us see how many players are out.
  10. Welcome. Join us the 32 bit denied to login team. We are more every moment. And Fstorm hides behind lines. They f..kd up the 32 bit connection.
  11. This is a 32 bit client error. Looks the SSL is not accepted by login server somehow. Call it new patch on Fstorm. Maybe next week we will see it fixed considering that they don't even care posting about this issue and more than 1k players are impacted.
  12. You are not alone. Even if I try to connect using wow.exe it still gives the 51901001 error unable to connect. It looks like they ignore paying VIP, free players and so on. But it's ok. get used. It is Fstorm style. Come back in a week or two and maybe they will fix it
  13. Answered by pm Ana Cheers
  14. considering the gear and the characters you have you cannot have 30k gold unless you bought them on fstorm server. If you bought gold Fstorm has a trace of it. But this is something I am sure you didn't . So stop the drama and go play.
  15. Enjoy. Here is everything